Who Am I

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Antonio Santos was born in Portugal, lived in France, from 1967/68, moved to Montreal Canada in 1976 and this is where he presently lives.

Early Life:

Born and raised through rather difficult and insecure times, Antonio had to learn the meaning of responsibility at the ripe age of 9. He was only six when his father decided to leave Portugal on a very dangerous journey in search of a better future ― a better life. At the time Portugal was under a fascist regime: not only was it difficult to obtain a legal passport, the money to do so was in itself a challenge, leaving one only alternative: to travel clandestine. His father’s initial destination was Holland, but he never made it there. Since France’s economy was booming and jobs were everywhere, Antonio’s father decided to settle there and eventually called for his family to go meet him.

Times had not changed. The problems he had encountered were the same awaiting for Antonio, his mother, younger sister and an older cousin. Facing the danger of being thrown in jail or worse, shot, they crossed through both Portugal and Spain. They did so by hiding, taking trains, buses and doing lots of walking through secret paths that were indicated by guides who specialized on those clandestine passages. Five days later, starving, they finally reached their destination.

The integration Antonio had to face in France was indeed challenging but short lived. Things didn’t work out as expected. In less than a year, they were on the run again. The opportunity to go to Holland resurfaced, so Antonio’s father took the chance and left. His mother’s plan was to leave everything behind and with the two kids, head back to Portugal. The absence of legal papers and the older cousin, made their journey back a living hell where they even experienced jail in Spain ― passages that left deep imprints in Antonio’s soul.

Antonio’s interesting life story motivated him to write a book, ‘Reaching the Christ that is Within Me’ where he opens his heart and tells the story and journey to spiritual awakening. Antonio, just as many others, has graduated from the great University of life.

Later Years:

Antonio’s experience with the public goes back over 30 years. He was a karate teacher, a supermarket manager, a musical band manager and yoga teacher. In 1978, Antonio became passionate with the work of Lobsang Rampa. Although life remained very confusing, something very special began to develop from within. The questions; “who am I?” and “what am I here for?” took on a whole new meaning.

In 1990, Antonio began studies on personal behavior with personalities such as Earl Nightingale (Nightingale/Conant Corporation) and Anthony Robbins. Later, the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Barbara Marciniak and Michael Newton broadened Antonio’s perception and enhanced his personality. He still looks up to these personalities as great teachers.

To these teachings and philosophy, Antonio added two ancient sciences, Numerology and Palmistry. They serve as tools to help diagnose what may be a problem or a blockage. Then, through coaching, Antonio helps the client design an Intention plan and an Action plan that will empower them at achieving their greater potential.


Through the years, Antonio’s philosophy and modern approach to psychology has helped many in various continents. Literally all levels of society have profited from his knowledge and his wisdom. In addition, Antonio works in three languages (English, French and Portuguese) which has broadened his frontiers allowing him to reach and touch even more people.

Antonio is an author, teacher and intuitive consultant. He is known as an alternative psychologist and personal coach. Antonio’s dedication to his craft, his extensive study, diverse exposure to cultures and clients worldwide have broadened and enlightened his art. His keen ability to listen attentively and use his highly acknowledged intuitive abilities makes Antonio a fine and humble coach.