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I left my meeting with Antonio enlightened. Due to our conversation I was able to understand and accept the challenges that have been dealt me. I truly believe I am a better person because of the things I learned about myself, merci Antonio.

Genevieve, Laval, Quebec, Canada

Antonio’s guidance stays with me, long beyond his readings. As life opens up, his clarity is confirmed. I wish for each of you to witness the steady peaceful knowing of his soul.

Helene, Los Angeles, California, USA

My dear Antonio, your influence in elevating my spirituality is simply priceless, in that you gave me the confidence I needed to not be afraid to trust myself. Thank you for teaching me from afar my dear friend.

Sheila, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Rencontre Antonio est une grande source d’inspiration, son intégrité une source de lumière. Pour moi il est un grand frère spirituel, un guide important dans l’accomplissement de ma mission de vie.

Marie-Claude, Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada

Antonio is direct and frank and although at times his words might seem harsh and unexpected, I feel truth is what his meaning brings. Light can sometimes be bright to the eyes but it is better to see than to stay in the dark.

Karinna, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Si ça n’avait pas été de l’invitation de Laura à connaitre Antonio, je n’aurais jamais eu la chance d’avoir un guide qui me connaisse mieux que moi-même et qui m’aide à retourner sur le bon chemin. Wow ! Grâce à toi Antonio, j’ai compris une leçon de vie qui est celle-ci : ” Lorsque tout a l’air d’être terminé, eh bien, ça ne l’est pas! il se prépare quelque chose de mieux!” Now I believe!

Christine Campagna, Saint-Colomban , Quebec, Canada

Antonio, I can`t wait to sit and do all the home works you have sent me… I think of you as a genuinely generous person, that gives “his all” to help… if one day God would honor me to help people the way you do, I would be this generous too.

Diane Blais, Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada

Antonio my experience with coming to see you is simply enlightening. The way you talk and say things really puts things into perspective. You have a positive outlook and it really rubs off when attending your sessions. The advice and exercises you give are really helpful.

Silvana, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tu as témoigné d’une grande confiance et générosité à mon égard et tu ne peux savoir jusqu’où cette rencontre m’a aidé par la suite. Antonio, continu d’enseigner et de t’entourer de Lumière et d’Amour Inconditionnel! On a besoin de toi.

Marie Paule, St. Lazar,e Quebec, Canada

Antonio is a truly passionate and insightful man. His consultation offers deep wisdom and specific guidance as he clearly explains that we all have a code to follow in this lifetime. Antonio helps put life and all experiences into greater perspective by explaining what your personal code means.

Laura, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Antonio is a blessing from the universe to all of us. Antonio has wonderful insight on numbers and his positive energy is breath taking. Thank you for restoring my faith and for helping me better understand the vents of my life. You are an angel.

Nancy, Montreal Quebec, Canada

Antonio Santos always delivers a passionate, sincere and inspiring outlook into who we truly are. Antonio’s sessions have helped many of my friends as well as myself, look into our spiritual selves, thus improving our journey on earth.

Natasha, Laval, Quebec, Canada

A very enlightening experience, Mr. Santos provided me with wise in disposable tools to better understand different aspects of life’s journey. His teachings bring clarity to common daily struggles. Meeting Mr. Santos is a blessing that I’m ever grateful for.

Eleni, Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada

Antonio, I just want to thank you again for being here on this planet, for agreeing to come back at this time on earth to help us evolve. You have been a key part of my awakening. Know that what you are doing is reaching us and IS having that domino effect that you describe. You are very special.

Kat van Zutphen, Singapore

I know you did not have too much time to enjoy Halifax, but you made a positive impact on my life, and, for that I thank you. The reading has given me a lot of confidence to move forward with purpose. Bless you Antonio.

Donna, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Antonio, you should know that not only do you share the knowledge of numerology and palmistry, you express it beautifully, and communicate the message very clearly… Like you suggested – “just do it”. My best wishes to you for continued success in sharing your empowering knowledge.

Linda, Singapore

Some people never hear of the deep impressions they have made in the lives of others. You, Antonio have left many wonderfully insightful impressions with me personally, with my husband and both of my children. Since meeting you, I have had the pleasure of introducing you to my circle of friends around the world. Thank you for being a bearer of light through knowledge and love Antonio.

Pamela, Kirkland, Quebec, Canada.

As a ‘healthy skeptic with an open mind’ I enjoy my conversations with Antonio as they facilitate introspection and reflection on the wonders and challenges of life and living. Unassuming yet powerful, his passionate and true interest in others’ mental and spiritual well-being serves as an inspiration to think of the conventional in unconventional ways.

Jesper, Kirkland, Quebec, Canada

Antonio’s message is clear concise and unwavering. He walks his talk and is truly an authentic human being. Even the biggest skeptic are inspired and, intrigue by his ability to bring light and understand to the most relevant topic of our time; our personal spiritual evolution.

Cyrilla, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada