Services to Corporations

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How can the science of Numerology help a corporation?


First I want to make clear that this is not meant to discriminate but to help employers find the best suitable position for the staff. We all know that everyone is different and everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses…

  • Some like routine positions, FACT.
  • Some can’t stand routine positions, FACT.
  • Some are dynamic and can sell anything, FACT.
  • Some are timid, shy, but extremely organized, FACT.
  • Some cannot receive orders and can’t deal with authority, FACT.
  • Some are very obedient, FACT.
  • Some are dogmatic, FACT.
  • Some are true leaders, FACT.
  • Some make the best assistants, FACT.
  • Some are incredibly hard workers, FACT.

…and I could go on. In fact, there are eleven different vibrations and multiple combinations at human level. We’re all plugged to the same energy but we all resonate differently. For instance, if you hire someone who was born the 7th, 16th or 25th of the month to occupy a position where he’s going to be constantly under someone else’s orders, you are in for a big disappointment.

If you take someone who was born the 5th, 14th or 23rd of the month and place him doing office work, this person will surely get bored and leave.

You have a position to fill, which of these personalities would you find suitable?

  • 1s are creative leaders and independent.
  • 2s are cooperative, sensitive and diplomatic.
  • 3s are talented, joyful and communicative.
  • 4s are consistent, disciplined and applied workers.
  • 5s are active, energetic and adventurous.
  • 6s are social, carrying and responsible.
  • 7s are intellectual, perfectionists and reserved.
  • 8s are business oriented, entrepreneurs and achievers.
  • 9s are versatile, philanthropists and charismatic.
  • 11s are intelligent, visionaries and leaders.
  • 22s are builders, tenacious and ambitious.

The science of Numerology can be used to help a corporation, an enterprise or a small business in choosing the best person for the job.

What do you need to produce such personal analysis?

I need:

  1. Birth date.
  2. Complete name.
  3. Place of birth.
  • I will carefully analyze every profile and hand you a written analysis.
  • Further discussion may be done over the phone.

The fee for this service is $100.00/hr

Fees are in Canadian dollars.