Personal Year Numbers

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(What the future may hold…)

We are now more than ever aware that everything in our world and beyond is cyclical. Thus, we human beings are just as well. In Numerology, our cycles are composed of nine years, 1 being the beginning and 9 the end. Through one cycle there are years where everything runs smoothly and others it can be quite frustrating. Integrating and understanding these cycles can only bring peace and harmony in our lives, consequently, evolution of self and prosperity.

In Numerology we identify the years of our cycle as Personal Years. Each and every personal year has its own characteristics and specific energy. To properly understand the cycles of life I like to compare them to the cycles of cultivation of the land. Year 1 being the planting of the seeds of life, the subsequent years unfold naturally and can be compared to the growing of the crops with all this encompasses.

At times, when things don’t seem to go right in our lives, it is often due to our ignorance of this 9 year cycle we exist in. Often, due to this ignorance, we mix up our steps. It can be compared to a farmer who’s not aware of the crop cycles and decides to plant his crop seeds in September.

The Personal Year 1 indicates a new beginning, Personal Year 5 a change, P.Y. 9 an ending and our Year of Destiny in the cycle suggests a noticeable alteration.

The Personal Year number is calculated by adding your birth day + your birth month + the current year you are in.

It is important to note that, to determine the current year, our birthday must already have passed within the specific year we find ourselves in since we change cycles on our birthday. For example, we are presently in the year 2008. We would automatically add the year 2008 as being our current year. In order to do so, our birth date has to have passed within that specific year or else we would have to add 2007 instead.


______+______+___________= _______/______ ← Your Personal Year

(D. of B.) (M. of B.) (Universal Year)



Personal Year 1

“I sow again, I trust the universe…”

Personal Year 1 is a year of new beginnings – the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You may feel, contrary to last year, a new breeze of new opportunity. Suddenly things begin to move forward. Have faith in yourself and in your dreams and act. Be aware and pay attention to all that is happening and moving around you. You never know what they may have in store for you; the year 1 is one full of surprises.

Many people ask; is it good or bad beginnings? Good and bad is nothing but an illusion as you may suspect by now, things become good or bad depending how we choose to go about them. But to give you a more clear answer, I choose to see it as good. New beginnings can only lead us to new experiences, and that is the reason why we came here in the first place, to grow and evolve.

Often times these new beginnings come to us disguised as not so good. However, I invite you to walk them with faith, for what may look not so nice may actually be all that you have wished for. Things are not always what they appear to be.

Open your heart, trust that this new beginning is needed. Take advantage of the favourable wind blowing in the direction you want to take.


Personal year 2

“I water and add fertiliser, I feed the invisible…”

The Personal Year 2 is a year of wait and see time. Unless this is your birth year don’t expect a lot of action, it is a year when you will find yourself in the background and very much in a stage of development.

This is a perfect year to take care of details, something you didn’t have much time to do last year, work and built on what you have started. Since 2 is the number of the couple, this would be a great year for romance ― getting engaged or marriage.

Try to keep calm and pleasant. Because this is not really an action year you may experience a degree of nervous tension and restless during this period. The personal year 2, just as the personal year 7 could lead you to emotional extremes including depression. Know this and be careful, don’t let it affect you.

This is a good year to work on the self and understand that there is more to life than just running. Discover yoga; enroll yourself in something that you find enjoyable.


Personal year 3

“First expression, the plant emerges from the ground towards the light…”

This is for you a social and happy year, one that is bright and full of life, different from last year. The clouds have moved away and the sun is finally shining through. 3 is a vibration of creative emotion, stay focused and use it wisely.

Suddenly you want to go out and enjoy yourself this year, although good and definitely recommended you need to pay attention to your spending, for this is also a year when you tend to scatter your energies and loosen responsibility a bit.

Although this is a fun year, you should not ignore your goals. Keep in mind that this is the continuation of what you have started in your personal year 1.

While this can be a happy year as far as personal expression and activities are concerned, it could be disastrous year on the business scene. Knowing this places you in a position of awareness, enabling you to avoid possible losses.

This year could be seen as the first expression of what you have sow, caress it and enjoy it. Be happy and make that happiness contagious.


Personal year 4

“I reinforce my crops, I add effort…”

The personal year 4 is a year of hard work and personal effort. It is a year of foundation and structure, a year to get things in order and prepare for the next year, which will be a year of change.

This, in many ways, could be a frustrating year, one step forward and two backwards may seem to be the case most of the time this year. Try to keep in mind that every year is connected and important, but none are permanent. Do what you should do and try to have a little fun in the process.

The next year will be a personal year 5, and that is a year of energy and expression. Think of a house for example, if you want your house to be solid you must build a good and solid foundation, and that is what this year 4 is all about.

Do your work and do it well, but don’t forget to take some time off and enjoy yourself once in a while.


Personal year 5

“Second expression of the crops, the flower turns to fruit…”

This is the middle year in the 9 year cycle and it promises big changes in your life. Perhaps you have something in mind that you would like to try, well, this is the time. Know that the wind is blowing in the direction you want to take. It is a favourable time to go ahead and try.

This is a year that has brought or will bring excitement, adventure and more freedom than you have experienced in the past. It is a time for you to learn freedom of being, a time to travel, to see and meet new people.

The personal year 5 offers a high dosage of energy. Perhaps you feel younger, more alive and more willing. Nonetheless, you still need to keep your goals in mind. Try to keep a schedule, that way you’ll live fully.

Open yourself up and welcome change. Whether professional, personal, residential or relationships, understand that change is good and necessary to evolve.


Personal year 6

“The fruits grow and take their form…”

A Personal Year 6 is a calm year, a year when you feel much closer to home and family. Unless this is also your birth year, this is not a year for major achievements; it is more likely a time to adjust and check on the projects you have started from year 1.

Love and romance may definitely be in the air this year. You should expect to have a very good year on what family, home, and romantic matters are concerned. Although this is also a social year, you may feel attracted to slower and calmer activities, like golf for example.

This is definitely a good year to marry or to work on your marriage. It is a year of colour, you will feel inclined to renovate and/or redecorate.

Again, keep your goals in mind. This is year 6 of 9. Follow your heart and stay focused.


Personal year 7

“The fruits develop on the inside…”

Unless this is also your birth year, a personal year 7 is a very introspective year and one that could, when not understood, lead you to depression. This is a great year to study and learn ― to explore and go within. Suddenly you’re more silent and thoughtful and your intuition and perception much more tuned.

As a coach and counsellor I always warn my clients about this personal year 7 vibration. If you enter it sad, unhappy, sick or in some kind of trouble, you must be careful and understand what this year is all about.

This is not an action year and certainly not one that produces big waves. Understand that this is an important year for inner development, and one to meditate and contemplate. This is fantastic year for discovery.

Anything that has to do with philosophy, psychology, spirituality, law or complex reasoning appeals to you. Develop your own inner faith in yourself and an awareness of higher things. Put your self through a health-check this year.


Personal year 8

“The year to reap, the fruits are finally ready to savour…”

After a quiet and introspective year (the personal year 7), comes the personal year 8. This is your power year for you. If you have walked your cycle well this is for you; payday. You’ll be more confident and willing to try your luck. Opportunities to cash in for past or current work are likely to come about during this year.

You are now entering the last steps of your nine year cycle. The time has come to act and not to dream. Perhaps you finally got your promotion, or that money that was owed to you. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that this is a year to receive.

It is likely that you will show self-confidence and leadership during this period. You may even be surprised how others respond to that personality. All is good and wonderful but don’t lose yourself in the process. Sometimes a little success can spoil the man.

Enjoy this power year, after all, it only comes by every nine years. Understand that you are close to the end of another cycle and live accordingly.


Personal year 9

“The end of a cycle, plowing, and the soil rests…”

You have made it ― completed a full turn. This is a personal year 9, a year of completions, and endings. I often call it the year of the broom; for this is the time to cleanup and to get rid of the old. Whether tired relationships, a place of residence or an um-fulfilling job, the time has come for you to do some cleaning.

Since my intention is to share my experience I must warn you that a personal year 9 may also indicate a divorce or a loss of a friend or relative. I did say ‘it may’ not that it will. It may also conclude years of study, the end of a relationship or the end of being alone. Whatever the case may be, one should be ready for endings throughout this personal year 9.

Look at personal year 9 as the autumn of life, sad in appearance but necessary in life. The changes you see in your life this year, may feel more as losses. Instead of feeling frustrated understand that another reality is playing, and that is, the old is making place for the new.

This is a year to plan new beginnings, but not a year to act upon them. Not a good year to marry but a good one to prepare for it. Be positive and do your cleaning well, understand that the year that follows is the personal year 1, a new beginning, a new chapter. Close this one wisely.