Motivation Numbers

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What Motivates us


“If I worry too much with the future, I will surely lose the wealth of the present moment.”

Caty London


BirthdayNote: Most websites will ask you to enter your birth date and then automatically give you the final result. Because of the many mistakes I have found, especially when it comes to Master numbers, I chose to go about it in a different way. Since my focus and intention is on teaching, those who choose to follow this process will truly learn how to work the charts.


1-AJS 2-BKT 3-CLU 4-DMV 5-ENW 6-FOX 7-GPY 8-HQZ 9-IR


Motivation Numbers guide us to what we want to be, to have or to do – what allows us to move forward in life and what motivates us. I view this number as our soul number – a particular past life experience that motivates and assists our present journey here. The motivation number is calculated by adding all the vowels in our full given name.

( 6 )( 6 )( 8 )= 20/2 (the vowels of John, Fitzgerald and Kennedy, reduced and added)

6 9 5 1 5 5 7


John had a Motivation Number 2




“I have a pioneer spirit.”

Your motivation in this life is to be independent, creative and goal oriented, and they are most probably visible in all you undertake. Because you are or should be aware of the action/reaction, cause and effect world you live in, your leadership could be based on spiritual values. You do indeed have many abilities and faculties, it makes you proud and you also like to be recognized for them. Ambitious and determined, you are a leader that is constantly looking for opportunities. Whether in friendships or business ventures, honesty and loyalty are important to you. When used positively, this motivation will lead you towards success and realization. Your sense of responsibility and know how are remarkable and needed in our world. Depending on the other numbers of your code, emotions may not be visible within this motivation, if so, you may be perceived as someone who’s rather cold in nature.

ConcreteOneThe negative aspect of this vibration should be avoided. This gift you have acquired through your many lives could be used egoistically or tyrannically towards those around you. Stay loyal to your desires and convictions. Use and share the creativity, leadership and vision you have inherited. Show us how to stand on our two feet and live a life that is independent from the ‘good/bad’ opinion of others.



“I have a diplomatic spirit.”

Cooperation and diplomacy are what motivates in this lifetime. You are more of a team player, a mediator and one who strives for peace. You need others to live and feel whole. Marriage is definitely for you separation however, could devastate you. Although leadership may not be of your primary interest, to participate and contribute to any given project appeals to you. You are very sensitive and one who is prone to be hurt easily. This sensitivity, will lead you to give, not only material, but from yourself as well. Be careful not to get hurt or devastated when the same gesture is not returned. Know that there are many takers out there, but don’t let them infect your giving nature. Learn how to give, when to give and know in your heart that you are always giving to the universe. In the positive, this profound and refined sensitivity offers you clairvoyance – the ability to see through the masks and read between the lines.

Overcome your fears and timidity. Be prudent, because your ego can be quite fragile in nature. It is important for you to acknowledge that things are not always what they appear to be. Don’t take everything to heart. Know where to draw the line. Recognize that you are indeed an extraordinary person and a good friend. Thus, you don’t need to do very much to prove it.



“I have a joyful spirit.”

The joy of living – la joie de vivre – is what motivates you in this lifetime. You are very sociable and love to make others happy. You love jokes and humoristic stories, something you use and enjoy in any given situation. You really don’t go unnoticed anywhere you go. Communication is another of your great skills. Whether in business or in your personal life, you are likely to communicate your way through. You love a good conversation and usually have interesting things to say, which may lead you to talk and talk. Acknowledge this tendency and teach yourself to listen, understand that other people also like to express their interests and excitements. Motivation 3 energy can be expressed in various ways; theater, conferences, presentations, seminars, singing, music, writing, just to name a few.

Be careful with criticism and extreme emotional behavior, they will surely lead you to conflict or undesired paths. Avoid frivolity. Don’t be one who indulges in too much fun and accomplishes very little in life. Your optimism and ‘joie de vivre’ as well as your smile are contagious, let them infect our world. Ideally, motivation 3 is one that will lead you through a social life that is active, creative and one that transmits sunlight to those who surround them.



“I have a conscientious spirit.”

OldClockStability and structure are your motivation in this lifetime. You love order and structure and you give much importance to details. You simply forget nothing. You are so aware – present – that we could compare your everyday life as clock work. Applied and methodical, you are here to show us how to be more organized, to be efficient and to prosper in life. When I say demonstrate, I don’t mean to force or dictate. Yes, you may lack flexibility, making you someone rigid, over disciplined and/or even fanatic. Because work, effort and accomplishment are a huge part of this motivation 4, it will, without a doubt, help you realize your dreams and desires.

Try to accept the differences in people. Know that deep inside of us lies something unique, something we can offer and share with each other. Never forget that it is the whole that makes the difference. Due to your fine ability to keep books, you can make an excellent accountant, organizer or one who will bring order and structure to any given project. Your honesty and reliability is much appreciated and respected. Because of your systematic way of life, change as well as innovation can make you nervous. Don’t take life too seriously and take the time to relax to. Be ready for disturbance and limitations. Know that when you encounter them, they’re there to make you grow, prosper and evolve.



“I have an adventurer spirit.”

Freedom, adventure and unpredictability are your motivation in this lifetime. It’s more than words, it is a way of life. Although marriage is not impossible, it may represent a great challenge under this vibration. You love adventure, change and diversity and you despise routine and humdrum people. Your agitated and impatient character may lead you to jump from project to project, perhaps to cut your trees too short, in doing so, they risk never to bare fruit. Try to stay focused and aware. Give all the attention needed to every project and you will savor the fruits of your labor.

RaceYour desire for freedom must be constructive, not destructive. Remember, your freedom must end where the freedom of others begin. You live in a world of action/reaction. Since you’re not alone in this world there will always be consequences to your acts. Be aware of this and through your actions create the very reactions you desire. Your desire to travel is immense and quite beneficial – traveling represents efficient therapy for you. To take on responsibility is not impossible for you. However, if there is too much 5 energy in your other numbers, responsibility could be quite challenging for you hold on to. You are versatile, ingenious and visionary, but your far-out ideas may not always be understood or even taken seriously. The motivation 5 brings extra energy to your other numbers of your code.



“I have a family oriented spirit.”

Responsibility, harmony, loyalty and balance are your motivation in this lifetime. Home and family are very important for you, but for a motivation 6 the great human family, also fit these characteristics. Your love, understanding and affection are remarkable. These are traits you have learned and acquired in past lives. Hence, in this particular life, you are here to teach us the importance of beauty, harmony and love. You love to be recognized and respected for your sense of responsibility but also for your gentleness and diplomacy. However, try not to take on too much responsibility to the point of keeping others from taken their own, particularly where your children are concerned. Remember, if you want them to learn how to get up you must first let them fall. Try to let go a little.

There is a tendency towards the artistic world, acting being one of them. When positive, creativity and inspiration are a part of your make up. Beware of procrastination and too much fiction, don’t fall pray to act and even make up stories in your own personal life. These are characteristics that will surely lead you to problematic situations. You are very compassionate, understanding and profoundly emotional, and you love to show it. When sacrifices are necessary, especially where family is concerned, you are able to do them with compassion and pleasure. However, if you take on too much, this compassion and pleasure may turn into resentment. Be prudent and wise in your approach.



“I have a solitary spirit!”

Solitude, contemplation and a tendency to analyze are your motivation in this lifetime. You may be surrounded by people, but remain alone in your mind. Although marriage is not impossible, it remains a real challenge for you. You love to read and to dive into profound study. Analytical, contemplative and meditative are characteristics that will make you somewhat different from the rest of us. You may appear to be timid and/or reserved, in fact no one can really say they know you. You are constantly seeking for answers and knowledge – to understand who you are and why you are here – the reason for life. You are compassionate, generous and enlightened, but due to your rather distant and cool exterior people may think otherwise. Whether to your partner or anyone else, you experience difficulty expressing your true feelings. You are a solitary in your heart and this is due to past lives where you have mastered solitude. Perhaps were you and hermit and one who needs, even today, space and silence. Whatever the case may be, traits of wisdom are definitely visible in your makeup. I often describe this state of being, as a walking master – a loner – someone who has, in previous lives, walked from village to village, bringing healing, teachings and hope to those he touched.


SandWalkUnless your other numbers say otherwise, activities, adventure and the rhythm of today life are not really for you. Social encounters as well as meaningless conversations can make you tense and uncomfortable. You are one who is quite selective in all you undertake, including with your friends. This is due to your difficulty adapting to the mundane – the banal. Understand that all your discoveries, wisdom and knowledge, will not be of great value if you don’t share them with the world. Try to set aside your desire to be alone and teach us the way to a better life.



“I have an entrepreneurial spirit!”

The world of business, a position of status, as well as the desire for power and abundance are your motivation in this lifetime. Due to your determination and tenacity, it is quite possible that you’ll be called upon to take care of large events. This can be at any level, locally, nationally or internationally, doing so, will bring joy and fulfillment into your life. Remember, your profound desire is to occupy a position that offers you status and prestige. Success and wealth may very well be yours in this life. You love the good things the material world has to offer, and of course, there is nothing wrong with that. Know that we are spiritual beings doing a human experiences and not the other way around. However, don’t become blinded by the material world. The way you acquire your wealth should reflect your care for others. Your keen mind and your capacity to judge are very strong in this motivation. Follow your intuition, that inner voice that is constantly pointing the way you should consider. Beware of the consequences attached to judgment, especially when used negatively.

Nothing keeps you from having a beautiful car, wonderful home or a good bank account, what is important for you not to forget is to not get lost in them. Know your true identity, the one that was placed in your heart at birth. You are and will always be the spirit, the intention, the manifestation behind all that you do and touch. Be generous and true, and life will reward you abundantly.



“I have a philanthropic spirit!”

Altruism and philanthropy is what motivates you in this lifetime. You have great wisdom, a big heart and wide open arms. When positive, we could say that you have mastered unconditional love. Motivation 9 denotes a profile of a master in your personality, this, due to the high level of spiritual experience you have acquired in past lives. Since everything on earth has two sides, the negative aspects of this motivation may surface from time to time, amplifying and dramatizing the situations and circumstances of your life. Your optimism that so many people love, respect and appreciate can also turn to judgment and pessimism, acknowledge this fact. The presence of the number 9 always denotes a possible drama, an unusual and difficult situation to cross. However, your boldness will help you face and overcome any challenge in your life.

If the presence of other numbers we classify as spiritual numbers, 7, 9 and 11, are present in your code, you may be drawn to fly away from this world you classify as banal. Although at times you may appear distant, the truth is, you love people and they love you. Your love needs not to be told, it simply is. Pay attention to your health. You are so eager to help others that you may forget all about your own needs. Although ‘no’ is a difficult word for you to say, for the sake of your good health you must learn to say it from time to time. Watch out for negative judgments and emotions. Be the sincere and optimistic person who holds the Light. Show us the way to acceptance and inclusion as well as the love for others.



“I have a visionary spirit!”

Idealism, illumination and cooperation are your motivation in this lifetime. Motivation 11 will lead you to explore the abstract and the profound study of matter. Your understanding is extraordinary, your compassion remarkable and your wish to heal immense. You have a precise understanding of the ways of this world, indeed, your wisdom and knowledge will astonish others. How can you have these traits without even trying or studying? A motivation 11 always denotes traits of master, teacher or even guru, and it is your soul’s intention to continue on this path. This is not so much a physical or material vibration, but rather one that dreams utopian dreams – a perfect and equitable human society – one that lives in love, understanding and inclusion.

blog-numbers-061312If you have a motivation 11, you are likely to be an ancient soul, one who has accumulated much wisdom and know-how through time. And this is why you have a strong desire to share it with everyone you touch. You may experience nervous tension. Practice meditation, contemplation and try to keep a certain contact with nature, often times this is enough to calm you down. Activities and sports are also good for you. Your idealism may not always be accessible in this world of individualism and due to your sensitive nature this can be painful at times. You are very intelligent, illuminated, intuitive and inspired and one who has a very spiritual orientation. Never abandon your cause, even if people don’t seem to want to listen. Sooner or later, your words will echo in their subconscious, and they will serve them as guidance. Your inner strength and devotion will be perceived through your actions, your words and your example.



“I have a founder spirit!”

Realization and the accomplishment of great projects are your motivation in this life. If you have a motivation 22 count on being called upon to do great things in our society. Whether, through the physical/material aspect or to elevate and raise consciousness, your true desire is to build something important and visible in our world. You can and have the power to make a difference. You dream of an ideal world, one of equity, but you must be patient and follow the rhythm of today’s world, don’t rush it. Your contribution leans towards humanity – society in general – giving you the opportunity to make a difference in this apparently chaotic world. Keep your center. What you may classify as insignificant or even elementary may very well still be a necessity to many of us.

If you have a motivation 22, you are likely to be an ancient soul – one who has accumulated much wisdom and knowledge through time. If you are focused a practice meditation and contemplation, you probably are well aware of your mission here on earth at this time. Positions of master builder, engineer or any other such position are what you search with this motivation. Remember, you dream high but don’t let your dreams dissolve. The hardest thing for a motivation 22 is to believe that there is nothing you can not do. All you really need to do is to want to do so, then, the universe will supply all the energy needed to accomplish it. Pay close attention to nervous tension. Avoid conflicts, rigidity and stubbornness. Try to keep in contact with nature. Activities and sports are good for you.