Interpretation of Numbers

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“We are consciousness thoughts and memories that learned how to create. Our consciousness created our mind and body through the mind and body we create our experiences and through our experiences we achieve spiritual perfection.”

Deepak Chopra

This page was designed to help you understand the language Numbers speak. As you will see I have included the ‘basic’ positive and negative aspect of every Number.

Welcome to a wonderful voyage of self discovery

0 – The Infinite

Neither first nor last this represents the ultimate source, the inner gifts, the great divine circle – the ABSOLUTE. Being the Yin and Yang – masculine and feminine – the 0 represents the infinite, the eternal, it symbolizes God, without name, without number.



1 (The Path of the Leader)

“I experience independence and self confidence!”


Positive aspect: pioneer, leader, confidence, inspiration, independence, creativity, originality, innovator, centered towards progress.

Negative aspect: authoritarian, frustration, dependence, selfishness, insecurity, dishonesty, egoistical, jealous, lack of consideration.

The experience to retain in this number is to inspire, direct and create.


2 (The Path of the Diplomat)

“I experience sharing and the need of another!”


Positive aspect: cooperation, enthusiasm, considerate, association, diplomacy, sensitivity, understanding, gentleness, pacifists, meticulous, negotiator.

Negative aspect: insensitive or too sensitive, isolated, resentment, unable to keep a secret, submerged, obscure.

The experience to retain in this number is to assimilate, to foresight and offer alternatives to humanity.



3 (The Path of the Artist)

“I experience communication and joy of living!”


Positive aspect: communication, versatility, energy, sociability, talented, artistic, sensitivity, graciousness, joy of living, beauty, gentleness, love.

Negative aspect: inexpressive, depression, deceptive, suppressed talents, hard headedness, conflicting, over-emotional, gossiper, critical, judgmental, lack of confidence of self.

The experience to retain in this number is to bring beauty, expression and the joy of living to the world.



4 (The Path of the Worker)

“I experience stability and I have a need to support!”


Positive aspect: stability, strong foundation, order, effectiveness, worker, discipline, manual dexterity, calmness, putting effort, tenacity, trustworthy.

Negative aspect: Laziness, lack due to limitations, ambition, confusion, disorderly, instability, impatience, stubbornness, missed opportunities.

The experience to retain of this number is to assist, organize and to demonstrate order and determination.


5 (The Path of the Adventurer)

“I experience liberty and I embrace life!”


Positive aspect: skilful, visionary, freedom, optimist, reflective, adventurer, ingenious, active, resistant, curious, change, energetic, versatile, physical.

Negative aspect: slave, without goals, clumsy, distracted, inactive, dependent or irresponsible independence, scattered, stagnant and nervous.

The experience to retain of this number is change, expansion, courage and responsible freedom.


6 (The Path of the Teacher)

“I experience responsibility and accept life!”


Positive aspect: balance, acceptance, love, family orientated, responsibility, loyalty, protector, trustworthiness, honesty, harmony, paternal, well at home, affectionate.

Negative aspect: hateful, dishonest, judgmental, lost in details, irresponsible or obsessive responsibility, untrustworthy, thoughtless, naiveté, spineless.

The experience to retain of this number is love, harmony and a social conscience.


7 (The Path of the Intellectual)

“I have a message and I am open to sharing it!”


Positive aspect: philosopher, intellectual, truthful, mystical, psychic, annalist, studious, meditative, contemplative, spiritual.

Negative aspect: difficult, paranoid, phobic, uses knowledge negatively and defensively, lack of self confidence, obsessed perfectionist, solitary.

The experience to retain of this number is the integration of faith, openness and to share wisdom.


8 (The Path of Material Success)

“I experience realization and abundance!”


Positive aspect: business orientated, dynamism, abundance, prestige orientation, concentration, oriented to self and the beautiful things of life.

Negative aspect: failure, weakness, preoccupied with money, sabotage of success, lack of proper foundations, quitter, obsessed with power and riches.

The experience to retain of this number is that of power, abundance and accomplishment.



9 (The Path of the Humanitarian)

“I experience universal Love and I bring hope!”


Positive aspect: generous, alternate ideas, courageous, helpful, benevolent, charismatic, wisdom, integrity, spirituality, humanitarian.

Negative aspect: search of self, drama, uncooperative, judgmental, inconsiderate, materialistic, isolated and disconnected from your true essence.

The experience to retain of this number is completion, philanthropy and protector of the weak.



11 (The Path of the Dreamer)

“I experience my visions and I share them!”


Positive aspect: independent spirituality, intuitive, genial ideas, humanitarian, giver, illumination, altruist, dreamer.

Negative aspect: distorted diplomacy, authoritative, categorizes judgments, isolation, two faced personality, lost to the world of dreams.

The experience to retain of this number is to channel your visions and bring them into the world of form.



22 (The Path of the Master Builder)

“I experiment my power and I realize my potential!”


Positive aspect: great possibilities, leadership, lots of potential, idealist, creative, potential empire builder, an abundance of energy, oriented towards goals.

Negative aspect: laziness, unconstructive, disorderly, power used in a negative manner, quits easily, miserable, hardheaded.

The experience to retain of this number is to built, accomplish and realize in abundance.