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Sessions with Holistic-Coach António L. Santos | Founder of NCC-Coaching

 (Over 20 years at your service)                                                         


 What is it about!?


  1. An in-depth reading in Intuitive-Numerology. Your Life-Code – Your Life Mission. The Pros and Cons behind your Life choices.


  1. A responsible Analysis of your Palms, using CONTEMPORARY and BIO-TYPOLOGICAL CHIROLOGY. Your Life-Code reveals your mission, your HANDS demonstrate how you are living what you have planned to live.


  1. Holistic-Coaching based on your Life-Code. Based on the analyses – “A” and “B” – tips and strategies will be offered to you to, either resolve or improve the situation you find yourself in.


OPTION #1 – DURATION: 1h30 | Total cost: $95 or 65€ Canadian | $85 US 

e-transfer: (Canadian Bank)

International: Paypal at: 



                                                 Videoconference Zoom                                  


Sessions are Recorded on Video and Audio.

Interesting and valuable documents for

your personal development will follow by email.




Your FULL name (Maiden) as it is written on your BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE (or equivalent) and your DATE OF BIRTH. I also need photos of your Palms and Nails. They must be in High Definition. Please see pages 2, 3 and 4 of this document.


If you have any questions about ANOTHER PERSON please send me the same information, FULL Name and Date of Birth. (MAIDEN NAME)


These Sessions are, in terms of results, the same

Face-to-Face or Online (Skype, Zoom or Messenger)


  1. KARMA – Closings – Memories to Clean, Heal and Purify…
  2. PERSONAL – Temperament – Character – Behavior …
  3. LOVE RELATIONS – Advantages and Disadvantages – Compatibility…
  4. PROFESSION – Type – Talents and Skills…
  5. FINANCES – Organization – Relation and Attraction…
  6. HEALTH – Body Type – Fragile or Resistant …
  7. FAMILY – Relationship – Harmonious or Conflictual Links…


For an appointment please contact:


Skype: antonionumerologo | Facebook:

Email: |


Thank-you for choosing NCC-Coaching | your Coach António L. Santos

Since 1999 | Montreal Canada


An OPTION #2 is also available. The same info is needed but in this case IT IS NOT a Face-to-Face session. Antonio will do a Recorded/Video reading that will be sent to you. |The Cost: $70 Can. | 44€

Here’s 4 photos Examples I need of your palms LEFT and RIGHT.

(As High Definition as possible)



Fees are in Canadian dollars.

Please note that Antonio needs your FULL NAME received at birth – every name appearing on your first legal papers – and date of birth and, if possible, include your hour of birth.


Antonio acts as intuitive consultant and personal coach. Everyone’s true success resides on personal choices, willingness and actions.

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