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Are you experiencing difficulties in any of these areas?


  • Personal. Myths, paranoias, phobias, depressions, low self-esteem, complexes and emotional blockages.
  • Family. We’re living in times where generations are clashing. You may not have the solution but you can become part of it. How to deal and face the new generation and the various situations and circumstances that deal with family.
  • Health. Find pleasure living in a healthy body. We are what we eat, but we are also what we think about and how we digest our emotions.
  • Finances. Built an adequate financial plan. Financial success is not in the amount of money we make, but rather how we decide to manage it. The client leaves taking with him a plan that will allow him to create and achieve goals.
  • Profession. Are you an apple who’s told to give orange juice? We are all different in many ways. Discover your potential – the kind of profession that would suit you better.
  • Goal Setting. Literally work with a success formula. Through a basic and simple four step program the client will learn how to design; short, medium and long term goals that are clear, easy and simple to follow.
  • Relationships – Compatibility, possibility and potential.
  • Spirituality – Evolution, clarity, awareness, understanding.

If you wish to consult Antonio, please choose from these three options:


Option 1. Consultation in person at his office.

This option is available for:

60 minutes/$65 | 90 minutes/$85.






Option 2. Skype or over the phone consultation.

This option is available for:

60 minutes/$65 | 90 minutes/$85

Option 3. Simply order a full Intuitive analysis without meeting or talking to Antonio. (You may want to include the most important questions you would like to ask.)

This option is available for $50

All three options include a recorded CD along with full written Numerology chart and Coaching exercises.

Fees are in Canadian dollars.

Please note that Antonio needs your FULL NAME received at birth – every name appearing on your first legal papers – and date of birth and, if possible, include your hour of birth.


Antonio acts as intuitive consultant and personal coach. Everyone’s true success resides on personal choices, willingness and actions.

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