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The density of darkness, 

cannot subsist the glint of awareness.

Antonio L. Santos

                       (1991) One day on my way out the door to go to work, I stopped by the post office to pick up our mail. As I flipped through the envelopes, I came across a flyer saying, (Order now, and pay only if you keep it.) It was advertising an Earl Nightingale program called Lead the Field. It looked very interesting; particularly the photo displaying a circle of men following one another with a little blurb above it saying, the person in front should know where we’re going!  Because I had no immediate financial investment to make, and because I found the ad interesting, I ordered the program. Maybe this program would have answers about what was missing in my life. I was delighted that the program came in the form of audiotapes. My busy schedule and traveling afforded me little spare time for reading. But the tapes were perfect for listening to in the car. The program was about bringing order and change into my life. I listened to them over and over again; following the advice and utilizing the information to effect change both personally and professionally. Lead the Field is an all-time classic in terms of personal development, and, even though I have never met Mr. Nightingale I will be forever grateful for having knocked at my door.

            Through the Nightingale-Conant Corporation, I began ordering other similar programs. My favorites were from America’s most trusted motivator, Tony Robbins. Strategy was his name; energy was his game. This man had me work through endless workshops; Human Behavior, Power of Influence, Personal Power and Unlimited Power.

I was absorbing all these programs and becoming involved in even more of them: The One Minute Manager, by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. The Power Of Negotiation, by Herb Cohen. Magical Mind Magical Body, by Deepak Chopra. How To Get Whatever You Want, How To Design Your Own Life Instead Of Someone Else Designing It For You, and there were more. I also began to attend seminars. Learning and educating myself became very much part of my daily routine. I was thirsty, and these ‘experts’ seem to have exactly what I needed to quench my thirst. Mr. Robbins became my idol. The passion with which he spoke was contagious. Through the radio, one day I heard that he was coming to Montreal to give a seminar. After working through tapes for almost a year, I was determined to see him live. The seminar took place on a Friday, not the best day for me to miss work because Fridays were the busiest days, but I managed to secure the day off.

I was so excited when the day finally came. I got up early and left the house early because I wanted to have a good seating opportunity. However, when I got there and saw how many people had had the same idea, I became dismayed, but not undetermined. I am ashamed to say that I wanted to be part of this seminar so badly, I got out of the waiting line and walked alongside it making my way faster and further to the entrance. People shouted names at me, but I didn’t care. Tony Robbins might never speak in Montreal again and I was not going to let a little name-calling deter me from getting a great seat.

It was the longest seminar I had ever attended. It started at 8 AM, and finished just a little after 8 PM. Meanwhile, around three o’clock that afternoon, a lady came behind me and whispered; “Mr. Robbins would like to see you on stage with him, would you accept his invitation?” Oh my God! I never expected anything like that – ever! I had no words for her. I just nodded yes with my head. There were about 3000 people in that room and I had been picked as one of 10 to go up on stage. I was in a dreamlike haze.

The music, the lights, the excitement and my first time facing such a large crowd, all this contributed to my inability to focus and control my nervousness. It was an awesome experience and I got to personally meet Tony Robbins. I left the seminar walking on air exhilarated by all the information I had received.

A few months later, I took the challenge of a thirty-day program, step-by-step one day at a time. “How To Achieve Personal Power with Tony Robbins.” I became very excited about all this, so excited that it was all I talked about. I wanted everyone around me to know as much as I did, and follow all the programs with the same enthusiasm I had. By doing this, other experiences surfaced for me. I soon discovered that more people were turned off than on by this information, which made me realize that people are differently driven – what was so wonderful for me, was not so wonderful for others.

After two years of intensive study I began to feel that emptiness again. All those wonderful and interesting programs brought me a broader view of human behavior. All these courses, seminars and studies, positioned me on a different level of understanding, and also helped me to make sense of my personal and business environment. Still I felt the longing for something more. Because I could not grasp the reason for this feeling, I began to think of myself as a man that could never be happy. Then, I realized that all the amassed knowledge, though helpful was mainly directed towards gaining money, power and achievement. I didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with these goals, but I was looking for a more meaningful reason for my existence – one that went beyond achieving a better life. I had a difficult time accepting that I was putting out all this effort and commitment just to live a better life. I could almost accept this reason but I had a better life now – what came next? I began asking questions, as I always had about the real purpose of life. I had met so many people throughout my life. All their lives were similar to mine. Some had money, some did not but all had challenges. The common thread was that we all had similar challenges and obstacles. I wanted to live a happy life but also wanted to always be happy – was I searching for ever-lasting happiness? Weren’t we all?

In April 1995, while my staff and I were on a routine coffee break, Madame Brunet, a lady I knew and liked very much, came into the supermarket to do her weekly shopping. Her visit was to change the direction of my life forever and was the turning point I had sought for the past 35 years.

She was a remarkable lady. Everywhere she went she always looked her best. Determined and confident, she projected wisdom visible from a distance. Her tone of voice never changed. She spoke at a fixed frequency that had no highs or lows. That day she was determined to speak to me. In a sweet and calm tone of voice she said to me. “Hi Antonio, how are you doing today? It’s always nice to see you.” We talked for a little while, then, to my surprise, she looked me straight in the eyes and said.

“Antonio, we have been talking and exchanging information for some time now, but you know what? It seems to me that you are searching for something deeper, than what we have been discussing these past couple of years. Am I correct?”

I froze, was she reading my forehead. “Something deeper!” that was definitely the term to describe what I was looking for. I kept looking at her without blinking an eye and then said.

“In fact I am, but I don’t know what it is.” From the many conversations we had every time she shopped, she had come to know me well. We had even exchanged audiotapes in an effort to commonly gain knowledge about human development and behavior.

“Antonio, do you believe in reincarnation?” She suddenly asked me.

I was stunned by her question. I wasn’t sure how to answer her. Had she been anyone else, I would have simply dismissed or blown off the question, but this was Madame Brunet and Madame Brunet was quite a lady. At the age of 50, Madame Brunet had decided to change the course of her life. She left her husband and family and simply drove west with no particular plan or destination in mind. She didn’t know exactly where she would end up; she just knew the life she was living was not right for her. She wanted and needed to discover herself, and this for her, was a quest for self-discovery. After a few days of driving, she saw the Light, and everything became clear to her. She knew what needed to be done, and she did it. She became a millionaire within ten years becoming the president of BrunetAcademy, which she created specializing in health care. Here was a woman with the mind and will to change the course of her life. I respected her. I was going to listen to what she had to say, and I was going to answer her question.

“Mme. Brunet I really don’t know what to say to you, the issue never crossed my mind.” True – I was totally ignorant on the concept of reincarnation.

“Antonio all these wonderful programs you have brought to me are wonderful and very useful indeed. But there is a deeper reality to our existence. We all have a mission to accomplish, there is more to life than the bread and butter we eat everyday. I would strongly suggest you go see this woman I know. Her name is Denise. You see, we come into this life with a guardian angel, a spiritual guide if you prefer. He is here to guide and help us through the experiences we came to live. Things we came here to do but don’t remember. If you go see Denise you will get the answers you are seeking. Here, let me give you her phone number. Call her, but be patient. It could take a while before she is able book you an appointment with her. She is a very busy lady, but you will not regret it.”

“May I know what is it that she does?” I asked a little confused.

“She is a medium, someone who is able to bridge communication from the physical and the spiritual dimension – you should try it. Antonio, it’s always nice talking to you, but now I have to go. I wish you well.”

She left me speechless and with a big question mark above my head. What did all this mean? I wanted to ignore what she had said, but somehow couldn’t. I had been looking for an answer for so long; something that made sense. Her suggestion and question stirred my subconscious.

I told Manuela about the conversation with Madame Brunet, who quickly volunteered to make an appointment for herself. “If this lady is a fake I will know, trust me!” She told me.  I had no objections to her going. I certainly did not want to go first, or alone.

Manuela’s appointment was for a month later. When Manuela told me she would know whether the lady was a fake – I believed her. Manuela was known, by her family, to have psychic abilities, something I really never paid attention to. Also, this was not Manuela’s first experience with the esoteric. She had been to psychic readers before. For the moment, I was content to wait for Manuela’s report, but I also knew that my own curiosity and respect for Madame Brunet would eventually make me make my own personal appointment with Madame Denise.

I had no more paid attention to Manuela’s so-called psychic abilities, than to any other persons calling themselves tarot readers or clairvoyants. I was too logical to put any faith in these teachings or beliefs. I did, however, on occasion speak to my brother-in-law Samuel about these subjects. Not because he was an expert on the matter but merely because being from South America, where these practices were sought out and accepted, he had more practice with such experiences. Sometimes, some of the information Samuel relayed to me made sense but other times such as when he spoke about dark energy, black magic and voodoo kept me a skeptic. Samuel also spoke about frequencies of Love and harmony. It was all very interesting if not believable.

The month-long wait finally ended and Manuela went to see the medium. Upon her immediate return, she called me at work and told me about her experience. Her session had also been taped, which apparently held good news for our future. That evening I listened attentively to it. It left me a bit speechless, mostly because the information on that tape held truths and interesting proposals. Manuela confirmed that Denise was not a fake, and indeed a medium able to bridge communication between the spiritual and physical dimensions, or more precisely, could communicate with Spiritual Guides or Guardian Angels. According to Madame Denise we all have these guides and angels that accompany us through our lifetime here on earth. It is they, who hold our life plans and help us accomplish whatever we chose to accomplish. Manuela’s own guide had spoken to her through the medium, giving her the information recorded on the tape. Manuela’s guide also said that I was here on earth on a mission to gather knowledge, to contemplate and heal through communication. Manuela had also asked her guide about my father’s relationship. She had wanted to know if he and I would ever become friends, because we never seemed to get along. The answer was no. Apparently in a past recent life my father and I were brothers had been in a business together, a partnership that ended in him murdering me. Maybe this reason was plausible, that lack of communication and acceptance between us could very well have originated in something of this nature.

It was interesting to me that my father had done many scary things in the past, yet he had never physically harmed my sister or me. Many could say that our lack of communication was due to the many years we lived apart while I grew up. However, I’m not convinced that this is so. The distance between my father and I had to be born out of a much deeper reason, more so because it was also coming from me.

This new information about the other side created new excitement for me – I took this as the missing link I was seeking. My whole perspective on life began to shift. Even the teachings I had received from the audio programs and seminars seemed to have different meanings now. I decided to visit Madame Denise I now had many questions that might actually be answered. I kept calling but to no avail. However, I remembered Madame Brunet’s words “keep trying she’s very busy” and so I kept calling until the phone was answered and I had an appointment. To my dismay, it was for five months later. I was not a patient man and horrible at the waiting game. In the time in between, I had many weekly conversations with Madame Brunet, who kept feeding me information, giving me advice and explanations. I absorbed it all.

During that waiting period, one of my employees asked for a transfer that would allow her better working conditions. I had no objections – she deserved it. Her vacancy however left me with having to find a replacement. I put an ad in the local paper and to my delight someone with whom I had worked with in 1984 at another supermarket answered it. Her name was Ginette and I hired her immediately. As it turned out Ginette and I shared similar questions about life, purpose and spirituality. It was during one of our many conversations that she turned to me and asked, “Have you met your spiritual guide yet?”

She told me about how she had been studying for the past nine years, taking courses and reading books. She told me that she spoke to her guide daily and in every situation – work, home and on the road. I was fascinated. Her guide actually spoke to her and she to him. I wanted to know more, most importantly I wanted to know how I could also do the same. She told me that it took practice and that she spoke to him aloud and that he answered in her mind. She told me all I had to do was learn to listen and trust my intuition.

I was a happy man, now, not only did I have someone to talk to about these things, but also, someone to guide me through what seemed to be a very exciting and interesting path.

From then on I was glued to her side. She was a source of information. I saw her read everyday on her breaks and everyday I asked about what was she reading. I had a lot of questions, and soon realized that I had to start reading myself. I read the books Ginette suggested. I began to see the answers to my many questions through the belief of reincarnation. Without reincarnation my life would be nothing more than – birth, day to day suffering and death. I could not accept the idea of one life one chance.  What if I had been born handicapped, poor, sick, during a war or in a third world country. I would only get one shot, one chance. No wonder we all hurry about – fearing that we might miss something important. In today’s society, all is based on one life alone, but ‘all’ is way too big for one to fully understand and realize. After all, why can’t I experience wealth too? Or life in the tropics – perhaps sail the oceans. What if I couldn’t have children, wouldn’t that be quite an experience to miss. No. There has to be something else. How many times have you heard, “We learn all our lives and then die learning”. This is a fact, but if there were a God, not only would he be fair but reasonable also. If God is perfection, like many religions claim him to be, everything he does, has to be totally, unquestionably – PERFECT. Therefore able and willing to let us experience all that we desire, and the only way that would be possible is through the reincarnation process.

Finally, the day of my appointment with Madame Denise came. I had read. I had meditated. I had amassed knowledge. I was prepared to see her and I was glad that I had had the time to become more knowledgeable which would make a huge difference in the questions I might ask my spiritual guide. I was a bit nervous. I tried to remain objective and nonjudgmental about what would take place. I forced myself to go with the flow.

After a light supper, Manuela and I got into the car and drove to our appointment. Madame Denise’s house was located in Valleyfield, just about half hour from where we lived. Manuela and I barely spoke on the way there. I was in deep thought. Manuela had made a second appointment for herself and was eager to arrive. I was too nervous to share her enthusiasm. Madame Denise greeted us at the door. She remembered Manuela and introduced herself to me. They chatted – I listened. After a few minutes I noticed something about her. She had not looked at me directly in the eye. I began to think that she hadn’t looked at me because she could see things in me, like past personalities. My mind just ran with that thought and I became uncomfortable.

I was happy to let Manuela go first, waiting downstairs for my turn. There I was sitting on a couch waiting for my turn with the woman’s silent, uncommunicative husband sitting across me absorbed in his television. After a short while Manuela came downstairs smiling – but Manuela was always smiling.

“It’s your turn, go up she’s waiting for you.” She said in a teasing voice. At the top of the stairs, there was a corridor leading to Madame Denise’s office. When I reached the door, I saw her across the room sitting behind a desk. She told me to come in, close the door and sit down on a big chair facing her desk. She looked at me and continued.

“Sit comfortably, ask your questions clearly and don’t cross your arms or legs while you’re here. Another thing, if they tell you anything bad, don’t get upset or sad just ask them what you should do to ease the situation. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I replied nervously. After sitting as she told me, she began a strange and curious breathing process. Inhaling and exhaling several times in a very rhythmic deep manner. It sounded as if she had bronchitis. Once the breathing exercise was over, I heard this voice that seemed to come from a distance and that sounded quite different from her original voice.


            “Greetings Antonio.”

“Greetings to you. May I know your name?”

“My name is Rubert, R-u-b-e-r-t. I am your spiritual guide. I have been with you for the past three earth years. Before me, you had Kathy, a lady that came to you to help you find true love and self-acceptance. She succeeded, but she is telling me that she would like to stay on a little longer, that is, if you agree?”

“Yes I do.” I nervously replied.

“She is giving me a sign of acquiescence.”

“Thank-you. Rubert I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind my asking”

“Certainly – go ahead, ask your questions.”

I was really nervous talking to a Spirit for the first time, especially since Madame Denise’s face, voice and eyes were not pleasant to look at during her trance. It was pretty spooky, but I tried not to let it bother me and carried on with my questions.

“Rubert my first question is about work, not that there is anything wrong with it, but the fact is; I don’t like my job anymore. I would say there is nothing else for me there. Can you tell me anything about this situation?”

“You are not happy there because that is no longer your place. You have done and accomplished what you were supposed to have accomplished in that place. Would you like me to find you another place, one that will take you further in your evolution?”

“Indeed I would.”

“Good. Let us ask God our Celestial Father to allow this energy to flow, get you another place that will better suit your needs. Another thing, this new place will be offered to you. You do not have to do anything or go anywhere to get it. Also, do not forget about your salary, it cannot be less than the one you have now. You have a wife and two children who love you dearly. Never forget they need you. Once your children are grown, they will in turn help you. By the way, this is your children’s last life, they are not coming back.”

“Their last life? What about me, how many lives have I lived?”

“Four hundred and forty seven lives.”

“Four hundred and forty seven lives – Isn’t that a lot?”

 “Indeed, but you finally understood your spiritual essence. Everything will be easier for you now.”

“Do I still have many lives to live here on earth?”

“Possibly two more; it all depends on this voyage.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are evolving, personally, socially and collectively. You can accelerate or decelerate your process of evolution. You may accomplish many issues you have come here to accomplish, but along the process you may create others. It is all a matter of choice. I will help you!”       

“Thank-you! Coming back to my present job, you mean to tell me if I want to change jobs, all I have to do is ask and it will be granted?”

“Precisely, ask as you mean it, just make sure what you ask is in balance, meaning, it will not interfere with any other soul’s evolution. One other thing, make it clear in your mind, for we cannot give you what you do not know you want.

“How can I do that? How will I know if I am interfering with another soul’s evolution – or be clear about something that I want?”

“Antonio, this should be a simple thing for you to do. Just feel it, let it flow through you. Do not force it, just clear your mind of any emotional deposits. Remember if your glass is full, you will not be able to put anything in it. If you put your foot where someone else has his, you know you are interfering with that person’s space. Every time you do or say something, beware of interference. I am not saying for you to stop your interactions with people, what I am saying is be aware when enough is enough. Every time you want something for you or your family, ask yourself if that is appropriate. Does it serve a higher purpose? The answer will come to you. Remember you are connected to the universe; therefore, you are part of the divine plan. One other thing, do not forget that I am here at your service – all you need to do is ask.”

            “Do I have to talk out loud or will thought suffice?”

“Listen, when you are surrounded by people do not talk out loud. People will think you are bit crazy if you talk out loud when around them, thought will do. But when you are alone, talk to me out loud – speak your words. It is very powerful when you speak your words. It brings your thoughts to life. When you talk you create vibrations. Vibrations create emotion. Emotion in turn creates what you call reality.”

            “If I understand you well, I should watch what I say, if I don’t want to create a reality I don’t desire.”

            “Precisely! Most people ignore that energy. They keep talking about the things they fear. Talk is thought in movement, therefore, by persisting, it will become reality. The question is; is this reality desired? Humans have to understand their power of choice and creation. You cannot exist without creation, no matter who you are, or what you do, you are constantly creating.”   

           This was awesome! I was fascinated by this experience. As well as, the wisdom and affection I felt was incredible. I felt so secure and protected – I was no longer nervous but at ease.

            “One other question, this one is about my mom. Her life has not been easy. She has gone through so much, especially in her early years and now, living with my father is not an easy task either. Not because he is a bad man, I am sure that deep down inside he is not. ”

“Your mother was your grand-daughter.

“My mother was what?” I did not understand, the voice was not always clear.

I said your mother was your grand-daughter, which made you her grandfather. You lived together for the last time in the year 1399. You were both Irish. You loved that little girl so much that you decided to come through her in this present life. You became your father’s brother and partner in the year 1401. It was a partnership that went sour.”

            “My wife’s spiritual guide told her that my father killed me in another life. Is that true?”


 I didn’t say a word. I looked at Madame Denise’s face. I was trying to understand and make sense of what I was being told. Rubert went on:

“Antonio, it had to be done. It was a karmic situation – he had to do it. Do you understand why?”

The books I had read about reincarnation and karma had given me some semblance of understanding but here and now I had an opportunity for clarification.

“I am not sure Rubert, I would rather you explain.”

“Very well then. In another life, you were the one who did it to him. See, everything has to be balanced before you turn the pages of evolution. You have just done that, today it is all different, although you came together as a father son, the communication problems will persist.”

“Is our communication ever going to get better?”

“No. But you will learn to accept him better. Do not forget, I am here for you. Every time you go see or talk to your father just ask me to help you. I will put the right words in your mouth.”

“Thank-you Rubert. There is one thing you mentioned earlier that I don’t think I understand. You said I was my mom’s grandfather in 1399 then my father’s brother in 1401. Aren’t these dates too close together? How does this work?”

“Indeed they are close, but not the closest I have witnessed. First you have to understand that earth time does not compare or equal to cosmic or Spiritual time. Second, many souls become emotionally attached to their group and the life they left behind, which causes them to reborn precociously. Precocious incarnations are not always the best choice to make due to their lack of planning. However, your choices are always respected. Time factor is something we shall treat and go more in depth in future encounters.”

“Rubert, did I hear you correctly when you said that I chose to pass through my mother?”

“Yes you heard correctly!”

“You mean to tell me I chose our parents?”

“Indeed you do. You choose your parents, your birth date, your country, your name, your body, your intellect, and your path of destiny. In short, you chose everything that concerns your circle of evolution.”

“I’m sorry if I am a little confused, but if I chose them, where does this leave them in what they chose for themselves?”

“Mutual agreement! If you chose your wife, that means she chose you as well. When your children chose you, that also means you have chosen your children. Everyone on earth is part of a karmic circle. You serve each other’s purpose, all the time.”

“How can I have chosen my name?”

“Simple, you whispered it to those who named you!”

“How is that possible if I was just a baby?”

            “You have to think telepathic communication. It is not you as a baby who chose your name; it is your spirit behind the baby who did.”

“Is the name so important, that it needs to be chosen by me?”

“Yes! Very important indeed. Later you will learn about the hidden code that lies within the name.”

“A code? What may that be?”

“Later Antonio!”

             I had no clue what he was talking about, but then again, that was not the reason I had gone there. However, this thing about us choosing our parents, therefore, our lives, went beyond everything I had heard. I couldn’t wait to share this information with my mother. I looked forward to seeing her reaction to this news.

“Rubert my brother-in-law Samuel asked me to ask you why he is always sick. There is always something wrong with his health. Can you tell me anything about this?”

“He is always sick because he has not yet found balance – his purpose in life if you prefer. He has to understand that he is here for himself, to serve his soul’s purpose. By putting his energy and focus on the wrong things, he simply gets off course. That is why his ‘Aura’ reflects physical illness. He is still caught up in emotion, caught up with what is appropriate or inappropriate. By classifying something as appropriate or inappropriate he is making a judgment. By bringing a judgment to something or someone it is like not accepting its existence. If he does not accept its existence, then he does not accept a part of himself. Since you need the ‘whole’ to live in total balance, by not accepting it, you fall short of energy – therefore get sick.  Tell him this information he will know what it means. At the same time tell him not to think about death. It is worse.”

            “Thank-you, I will tell him that. Another question Rubert, my sister, I feel that she is sad. I would say her life is not going exactly the way she would like it to be. Can I do something to help her?”

“No. No Antonio, you ca not do anything for anyone. You can suggest, but not do. See, if your sister does not feel good about her life, she has to be the one asking for change. In order to receive it, she has to know what she wants to change. Right now she does not know what she wants.”

            “Will it ever change?”

            “It will be hard for her.”

            “She is the only one I have. Could you please tell me more?”

            “She is, what you would call, caught up. She is not only caught up in the everyday life, but also, at a very deep emotional level. Some change is coming her way, towards the middle of the 2002. She has to prepare herself though, for what is coming can also be missed. Then a major change, or should I say, the beginning she has been waiting for, will emerge in the year 2007. Tell her this, for she needs to prepare herself.”

            “What if she asks me what she should do to prepare herself for it? What should I tell her?”

            “Simply tell her to be positive, trust spirit working through her. Also, tell her the world she wants to save, does not want to be saved. But most of all, tell her we love her and that we are waiting for her signal. If she wants to contact anyone on earth, she can do it by using the telephone. In order to do that, a set of numbers are required, otherwise communication will not take place. To contact us, it is much easier. All she has to do is be determined. We are here to help her, but we cannot do it without her request. Remember, we are not allowed to interfere.”

            “Rubert you told me before that I could not help anyone, how can that be?”

“You can help, but your help will always be impermanent.”

            “Impermanent? What do you mean by that?”

            “I mean just that, ‘impermanent’. See, things will only change to be ‘permanent’ if the person does it him or herself. Let me put it to you in terms that you will understand. If someone is hungry and you give him a fish, you feed him for a day, right? But tomorrow he will be hungry again. If instead he learns how to fish, then his meal will be permanent.”

            “I heard that one before, but still, I can help him learn how to fish.”

            “Yes! But are you going to do the fishing for him? You can point out the way, but you cannot do the journey for any other.”

            “I think I understand. Thank-you Rubert.”


            “Rubert I have one last question. Will I ever see you, or should I say, is it possible for you to come and see me in a physical form?”

            “Yes, it is possible. It is hard for us to come down into the physical dimension. It takes a lot of energy on our part to do so, even though, we need little energy to leave the physical manifestation. To answer your question, yes I will! First I will come to see you in your dreams. Then when the time is right, and you need me most, I will take physical form to see you.”

            “How will I know it’s you in my dreams?”

            “You will know, for you will never forget me.”

            “What about when you take physical form? How will I know you then?”

            “You will know seven days before that I am coming. Now it is time for me to leave this body. Goodbye Antonio and may the Light be with you.”

            “Goodbye, Rubert!”


With these words he was gone from Madame Denise’s body leaving her with normal breathing again as she returned. After testing the tape recorder, she handed me the tape. This was an experience that left me quiet and pensive. I had to meditate about this experience. I had waited all my life for answers and explanations. I was not clear yet if I had received all my answers, but at least, I was on the path to them. On our way back home, Manuela and I listened to our tapes. While they played I went into deep thought.

The next day at work, I could not contain my excitement. I told everyone about my experience, I even let people listen to my tape.

Some of my co-workers could relate and believe, while others, could not. For those who did, I did my best to give them more of the knowledge I had amassed. However, I had treated those who did not believe and could not relate as ignorant fools.

All my readings, all my studies and I was not yet a better human being. I had become arrogant, all knowing and this attitude and behavior alienated people from me. I didn’t care that I was turning people away, or that they were turning away from me. I was too arrogant and self important to realize that my attitude and persona was costing me dearly. Not only was I losing friends and respect, I was also losing out physically in the form of car accidents, almost losing my own life in one of them. It never occurred to me to see the consequences as signs and indications that I was doing something wrong. I was not listening to the messages the universe was obviously trying to give me. Instead I worsened and I got into big arguments with the people I liked the most, including Samuel and Ginette. Every time they had me over to their homes, I had to be the center of attention. Eventually, there came no more invitations and little by little I lost my friends.

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