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“What should I do to prepare for a consultation?”

Prior to the consultation it would be best to adopt a positive intent; you should also compose questions or specific areas of your life you would like to cover.

“What does understanding your Numerology chart profile do?

“We are all unique and we all have a vibratory code, a frequency of existence that determines who we are and what we seek to accomplish in this lifetime. Your numerology chart (full name and birth date) can provide personal insight – help you to understand your tendencies, your strengths and your weaknesses – which help with a deeper understanding of self.

“How is a numerology chart calculated?”

Your name and birth date is NO ACCIDENT. Through the addition of the numbers in your name and those of your birth date, you will learn much about your nature, the path you were born to follow, the choices you should favor and discover the opportunities that are offered to you.

“I have a terrible memory, what do you suggest I do to be able to remember most of what is said?”

Not to worry. Every consultation is recorded on CD and mailed to you along with a written chart.

“What if I have more questions after a consultation?”

A consultation does fly by; however questions often lead to more questions. If you have more questions after a reading I would suggest you listen to the CD to give yourself sometime to digest the information. Once you feel you are ready you may book another appointment. Often times a 30 minute session is all it takes.

“I live in another country; can I still have a reading?”

Of course, all we need to do is book a time that is convenient for both; we have to take into consideration time zones. I will call anyone in North America and most of Europe; other areas may slightly increase the consultation fee. Calling must be on a land line and not a cell phone.

“What if after a consultation I decide I need coaching?”

Due to the complexity of certain situations coaching is advised. In such cases a 60 minute consultation should be followed by a once a week 30 minute over the phone support.