Expression Numbers

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“The choices we choose to entertain become the instruments we use to weave the frame of our lives.”

Louise L. Hay


BirthCertificate Note: Most websites will ask you to enter your birth date and then automatically give you the final result. Because of the many mistakes I have found, especially when it comes to Master numbers, I chose to go about it in a different way. Since my focus and intention is on teaching, those who choose to follow this process will truly learn how to work the charts.

Expression Numbers determine our potential, what we must explore, develop and master, as well as, our talents and abilities. This number displays how we express our destiny. The Expression number is calculated by adding the numeric value of each letter of our full given name.

Numeric interpretation of the letters:

1-AJS 2-BKT 3-CLU 4-DMV 5-ENW 6-FOX 7-GPY 8-HQZ 9-IR


(6) (15/6) (17/8) = 20

6 9 5 1 5 5 7 (vowels)


1 8 5 6 2 8 7 9 3 4 2 5 5 4 (consonants)

(14/5) (12/3) (16/7) = 15

John had an Expression number 8.




“I express my faculty of leadership!”

Self confidence is what you are looking for in this lifetime. You are here first and foremost to develop the ‘I’, the self. Not in egoistical ways but rather the inner ‘I’ that will enable you to become a leader, an executive, an administrator or even a promoter. You have the necessary tools to be creative and original in everything you wish to undertake. Your approach and ability to solve problems is remarkable, and you are inclined to engage in action. Be prudent, for every action will create an opposite reaction. Are you sure to produce the right reactions?

Your mental is clever and able to initiate any given project, but you may need the assistance of others to take care of the details for you. You need very little supervision, in reality you rather work alone or to be the supervisor. Let your wonderful originality and creative ideas flow through you, follow your hunches and materialize them. This expression may bring you the fear of being alone; however, being alone is a need and a necessity within this vibration. Understand that your best projects take birth in the space of your solitude.

Avoid becoming authoritarian, egoistical or aggressive in your desires or ambitions. To become number one, you need not to destroy or dominate. Be positive, determined and confident, your mission here is to show us leadership and independence, as well as have confidence in ourselves.


“I express my faculty of diplomacy.”


No Modesty is a part of who you are in this lifetime. You have a good heart and a very sensitive and attentive nature. No one will ever complain about your goodness and willingness to help and serve, however, many will tend to abuse or take advantage leaving you sad or emotionally hurt. Give, help, participate and collaborate, but also learn how to say NO as well, perhaps one of the hardest words for you to pronounce. Know that in many cases, saying no helps more than saying yes. After all, we all have our experiences to live and experience. It would be sad to keep someone you love from living and understanding an experience that will allow him to evolve by saying ‘yes’.

Partnership is what you are looking for in this life time. This does not necessarily mean two people it also applies to a group or team. It is possible that the groups you are with enjoy your presence and benefit from your know how, but also take credit for it, fact that may leave you at times devastated. Try to accept this reality before becoming mentally or physically ill. Stay in your place and know that the truth will sooner or later surface. Develop your empathy and your understanding. These are for you valuable tools that will support your role of pacifist and mediator in our world. If someone can sell peace and harmony, it is you.


“I express my faculty of communicator.”


Communication is your strength in this lifetime. Whether it be through writing, acting, singing, music, teaching, sales, production, directing or composing, the expression 3 will help you explore this wonderful skill. The negative aspect of the expression 3 should be avoided, for it will lead you to conflict or worst, gossip. Learn to communicate your ‘joie de vivre’ for you are here to help us experiment gaiety. You love to be noticed and be the center of attention.

In the positive, your strong attitude, courage and optimism are widely appreciated. Try not to suppress your true emotions and good heart. There is a tendency here to scatter energies to the point of becoming mentally and physically exhausted without really accomplishing much. This is why you need to concentrate and focus if you want to fulfill your mission, which is to inspire and elevate those you touch. Share your artistic talents with the world. Show us the colors that can make our world magnificent and beautiful. Show us that it is by talking that we’ll get to understand each other.


“I express my faculty to organize.”

Order and service is what you are all about. You must learn to be organized, show reliability and tenacity and then others will show confidence in you. You are very responsible and one who always fulfils his obligations. Unless your other numbers say otherwise, the expression 4 may bring you to be humdrum as well as to give too much attention to details. Be careful not to miss the bigger picture – the project.

May it be finances, people, timing, conditions or circumstances, there will certainly be limitations along your path. However, you must try to stay focused and avoid dominant and/or authoritarian behaviors. If there is too much energy 4 in your destiny, there is a high probability that you will develop rigidity, dogmatism, and stubbornness. Accept that our world is not in order, actually when we stop and think about it, this is the very reason we need your presence and input. Accept that in order to build a house we need different trades and talents – different people. Be the person you are, systematic, helpful, honest and sincere, and you will fulfill your mission, which is to built something valuable and tangible in our society, to become the cornerstone behind any structure – any enterprise.


“I express my faculty to adapt.”

Expression 5 provides you with multiple talents and an extraordinary faculty to adapt to any given circumstance. Your ability to grasp new ideas or concepts and then put them to good use is phenomenal. You would make a very good salesman, great communicator, enthusiastic and convincing. Your mental is clever which enables you access to great visions. However, you also need to find ways to present your original and incredible ideas, for they could be just that – incredible. Work at your patience, your agitated behavior as well as your lack of patience towards all that is routine or not quick enough for you.

Overindulgence of the good things of life may represent a danger for you and your desired evolution. Remember that moderation has better taste. You seek freedom of expression – freedom of being. Although this plays a big role in this expression, it needs to be used with respect and responsibility. We live in a world of action/reaction, hence, there will always be consequences to your acts. Your popularity may very well bring you to success, but it may also diminish your capacity to focus and center yourself. Your sense of communication and optimism can be seen through the naked eye, it simply radiates from your aura. Pay attention to your difficulty of concentration and erratic impulses. Don’t scatter your energies beginning ten projects and finishing none. Be the enthusiastic, charming and progressive and show us how to adapt to this ever changing world we live in. This expression will give you the necessary energy to express all you have to reveal and share with us.


“I express my faculty of harmony!”

The expression 6 encloses responsibility, harmony, balance, love, honesty and good will. Your home is your castle, love your subsistence, and your family your reason to live. You love beauty and express it in various ways; the clothes you wear the car you drive the house you live in. You love people and when you receive them in your home, they’re treated as royalty. This may make you appear as somewhat materialistic or even presumptuous, however, that is not really the case, it is simply the way you express your inner feelings. Although this is a lesson that needs to be experienced in your path, don’t lose yourself in the obsession of wanting to please others. Learn where to trace the line and think about yourself to. Do what you need to do but try to be balanced and tempered – don’t become a doormat where everyone walks on.

You are conscientious, a characteristic that will lead you to work well with people. You are an important asset in your community but make sure your help is not seen as interference. Know that others also have their own experiences to go through, and often times that may include some suffering. This may not come easy to you for you have the tendency to worry, try to let go a little. The expression 6 generates excellent parents, it encloses a particular way to teach and explain with love and compassion. In addition, you are here to show us the beauties of this world through your personal examples. There’s also a certain inclination towards music and the artistic world within this expression. Be the person you really are; kind, friendly, well intentioned, loving and you will fulfill your mission which is to teach beauty, patience and good taste to our world.


“I express my faculty to analyze.”

Thought, observation and analyzes is what you express in this lifetime. You will spend a great deal of time searching for the truth and the mysteries of this world. The expression 7 may direct you to solitude. However, it is through solitude and silence that you will tap into the information you seek. Try to avoid troubled thoughts or distractions, only then will you be able to perceive that there are states of consciousness that are out of the ordinary.

Because you have difficulty with authority, it is likely that you will take on a position of authority in all you explore and undertake. Your laser like intuition enables you to see through and distinguish falsehood from truth. You don’t accept anything less that the truth. Meditation and contemplation are for you, therapy. Practice it and take the time to observe your thoughts, visions and feelings. Through the process you will acquire wisdom. The expression 7 denotes a natural leaning towards, religion, spirituality, science, psychology or even psychic studies.

You are a peaceful and quiet soul, one somewhat detached from the world of illusion. So rational, you give out the impression to be unemotional. Nothing is further from the truth. The fact of being able to read between the lines brings you certain immunity to emotions you classify of insignificant and/or banal. Be careful not to become too involved in celestial things that you are totally disconnected from earth. Be the person you are, intellectual, spiritual and interesting and you will fulfill your mission, which is to evolve through your great mental power and benefit all those you touch in the process.


“I express my faculty to administrate.”

Expression 8 calls for organization, administration or general management. Your potential is linked to the world of business. Whether it be a small or big enterprise you are comfortable in this environment. If your aptitudes are used positively, meaning clear and free from negative emotion, you will experience success and will reap material rewards. However, to achieve this you need discipline and self-mastery. Never give up, even when things don’t seem to go as planed. Your persistence and determination will eventually lead you towards your goals.

Pride and tenacity may be part of this expression. A little may lead you to success, too much may bring destruction and self-sabotage – beware. Don’t become so goal oriented to the exclusion of all else; family, friends and activities are also important. Life must be lived fully, and for that to happen you need not to forget about those you love and admire or neglect those who love you. Similar to the negative aspect of 4, you may also be rigid, over disciplined, opinionated and stubborn, these are characteristics that will bring you to an undesired destination. Acknowledge that you are ambitious but never let ambition blind you. The energy you direct towards any given project is simply remarkable. Be the person you are, efficient, organized, ambitious, energetic, confident and trustworthy and you will fulfill your mission which is to show our world how to deal with wealth, status and success.


“I express my faculty of philanthropy.”

Altruism and humanism are your expression and potential in this lifetime. You work well with people, and in the positive you can be an inspiration, a guide and a master. The expression 9 must learn temperance, tolerance, and sacrifice, traits that are easy for you to apply when dealing with the weak and less fortunate. However, you need to acknowledge that everyone is a part of the universal body and cosmic mind, and that everyone has their downs and grief in life, even those you classify as rich and famous. Your compassion needs to be just and unconditional. Develop forgiveness and acceptance towards all.

The moment the number 9 appears in our numbers, it let’s us know of situations that are hard and complicated to deal with. In order to overcome these challenges, you need to learn how to accept without resistance whatever the universe throws in your path. These so called hardships or dramas are, often times, residues from past lives – unfinished business. The potential of the expression 9 demands a great deal of philanthropy and altruism. Nevertheless, what is important to understand is that your soul has chosen to live and experience, try to avoid drama. If you do, you will become and inspiration to us all. In reality the only thing we can do with our lives is to give them away unconditionally. In doing so we serve our spirit, the wholeness and the rewards will be sublime. Be the person you really are and let love run abundantly through you. Show us alternative ways to live a life in peace and harmony. Hold the lantern high so that we can follow.


“I express my faculty to inspire.”

Illumination, idealism and inspiration are the characteristics you express in this lifetime. Your intuition is powerful, and if you decide to trust that little inner voice that is constantly guiding you, you will make the right choices and realize your highest desires. Many clairvoyants, mediums and psychics have this expression. Whatever it may be, your destiny is to guide, teach and direct people towards a better and prosperous life.

You are someone who is aware, intelligent and diplomatic, a good teacher, philosopher, doctor or consultant. Thought, intellect and vision is indeed a part of who you are. You need to promote higher standards of living for all you come in contact with. It should be easy for you, for you possess a spiritual understanding and philanthropic approach. The expression 11, being a master number, will produce nervous tension. When that manifests there’s a few things you can do. Take time off, time alone, and if possible, walk on running water, ocean, river, lake, forests, nature in general is a wonderful therapy for you. One other thing that works very well is activities, a sport that you like and enjoy, one that includes a bit of competition. 11 is also the number of the visionary and the dreamer. Indeed, all begins with a dream, a vision, but it needs to be followed by a desire, an intention and passion in order to see the light of day. Try to avoid fantasy. Act and share those wonderful visions and dreams that live within you. This is a master number, which means that your soul aims high and has high expectations to a personal and social evolution.


“I express my faculty of master builder.”

Expression 22 denotes an extraordinary power to build and accomplish great projects. Responsible and hard working, you show determination, persistence and devotion. Your eyes see big, and yes, you do have all the necessary ingredients to realize any desired project. The presence of the energy 22 reveals a strong desire that is followed by ambition, it is a fact, understand this and act accordingly. You must learn and accept great responsibility, follow your intuition, trust your sense of decision and determination. You are intelligent, aware and extremely focused. Care must be taken, for your potential may also be used in an egoistical fashion, without consideration or used in a dictatorial manner.

In the positive you serve your community in total honesty, with extraordinary potential and great love, followed by a personal discipline that is remarkable. Still, this expression remains a challenge and very difficult to live through. Be ready, for you may be called to undertake great projects that will benefit humanity. The presence of a master number always denotes a nervous tension that needs acknowledgement. Stay in contact with nature as much as possible – mother earth – where your body was conceived, and you will experience physical, mental and spiritual healing. Take the time to enjoy this and you’ll experience an efficient therapy