Destiny Numbers

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The tragedy of life is not so much what we suffer, but what we miss.

Thomas Carlisle


Note: Most websites will ask you to enter your birth date and then automatically give you the final result. Because of the many mistakes I have found, especially when it comes to Master numbers, I chose to go about it in a different way. Since my focus and intention is on teaching, those who choose to follow this process will truly learn how to work the charts.

Destiny numbers tell of the road we must travel, our playground – our fundamental direction in this life. Success, happiness and opportunities lie within this number. To understand and accept these facts will determine not only our success but the quality of our life as well. Our destiny number is the most important number in our chart. It will help us define who we are and all other numbers will play out their role influenced by it. The Destiny number is calculated by adding all the numbers of your birth date.


How to calculate your Destiny Number

First you need to reduce your day of birth to a single digit or Master number (Master numbers are 11 and 22, once you reach 11 or 22 YOU SHOULD NOT reduce them any further), then you continue the same process with your birth month and then with your birth year. Once the final results reached you add them across.

Here’s an example, John F. Kennedy was born the 29th day of May 1917.

↓29— 05— 1917

↓11…..5…(1+9+1+7) = 18

↓11…..5…..18 (1+8) = 9

→11+5+9= 25 (2+5) = 7

John had a Destiny number 7




“I live my individuality and show leadership!”


Creativity, independence and leadership is what Destiny 1 people are all about. The experience of this vibration is to understand the importance of believing in yourself and develop self-confidence. Sooner or later, 1’s must understand and recognize their power of making things happen. Whether it be through thought, words or actions, you are constantly in the act of creating. Consciously or unconsciously, you are the creators of the situations and circumstances that surround you, even if you regard them as unpleasant. Always remain conscious of everything you create.

You have a need for goals and projects in life. It is important that you have goals and that you reach these goals with strategy and courage. Never ignore your fears but work at overcoming them. Your success will depend on your ability to keep silent about your future plans. First off, if you share your plans or intentions with others you will be working from a place of EGO, leading you to explain, justify and protect your ideas, this is EGO at work. In addition, allowing others to be privy to your plans, visions or goals, you run a danger of having them stolen from you. A true leader never reveals his plans. It was the silence of President J.F. Kennedy and not his words that created fear in Fidel Castro.

Learn to control possible greed. Yes, you always want more and go further, but at what price? Are you one of those creative beings that are never home? How does your family relate to your success and absence? When I speak of dependencies, I also include your projects and your accomplishments which can become dependencies that create obsessions excluding all else in your life. Learn to delegate.

It is important that you become aware of the workings of your Ego. You must use Ego in a natural and creative way due to the fact that Ego is a part of this Destiny. Do not let your Ego sabotage your success. Understanding the Ego will be one of the most difficult lessons you will need to overcome and master. Learn to control it, instead of it controlling you.

Accept all problems as they appear in your life, denying or ignoring them will only make matters worse and will make it more difficult to find the proper solutions that lay within you. You have an extraordinary power of influence. Do not confuse influence with manipulation. Should you use your power of influence to manipulate, you will engender huge problems in the end. Don’t forget, we live and will always live in an action-reaction world, we always eat that which we cook.

Learn to accept your freedom, independence, individuality and creativity – shield yourself with courage, persistence and determination. Fulfill your needs and you will then be in a position to help and inspire those around you.

When Negative: If you have a constant need of reassurance, you run the risk of living the negative aspect of this vibration, in other words, becoming dependent instead of being independent. This vibration can create a strong tendency towards dependencies. It is important that you recognize this and that you overcome these dependency challenges to avoid the negative repercussions they could bring to your success. Gossiping of family members, friends or colleagues can create adverse situations and feelings. Be cautious and conscious of the laws of action and reaction for in each action there is ultimately a reaction of consequence. Anticipating a reaction will help you change or alter your action.

Be careful not to become authoritative for this has nothing to do with your creativity or leadership qualities or needs. People will follow a leader because they have confidence and trust, they will follow an authoritative because they fear him. Sooner or later, there will be negative repercussions to a leader governing with fear. In this day and age, society seek a leader that inspires and motivates them, not a leader that looks to be idolized or made a hero with no regard for ideologies or true values but the ones that are presently popular and bring a quick fix. A good leader must guide through good example to others.

Profession: On a professional level, it is important to understand and accept your qualities of leadership.  If you are not self employed or working in a position of authority or leadership, you will likely be unhappy and unproductive.


Finances: To achieve and attain your full financial potential with need to develop self-confidence and courage to put your ideas in movement and materialize your plans. Listen to your inner voice that is constantly telling you to either start a business, take a position of manager, director, organizer or president. Only then can you enjoy the financial success you seek and deserve.

Relationships: Although you can be very independent and wish to experience individuality, relationships are quite attractive to you. Your relationships may also be based on status, social impressions, evolution and the realization of projects. Important points you may want to consider: avoid becoming authoritarian, you should also recognize and engage in your partner’s interests and necessities. Work balance between your professional and relationship life.


Health: The creativity and the power of making things happen is something you need to understand and consider. ‘What are you creating… malaise? Illnesses? Complications?’ You like things to work your way, but as you know, they don’t always do. Keep yourself active, practice competitive activities without the obsession to win. Pay close attention to excesses. Be realistic and follow your heart, the feeling of happiness is the antidote to many illnesses.



“I live my sensitivity and show Diplomacy!”


Destiny 2 people are very sensitive, aware and in touch with the emotions of others. 2’s are rare and it is possibly one of the reasons our world is in the condition it is at this time; our world has a lack of balance, emotional expression, intuition, is in sore need of healing, peace, cooperation, harmony, patience, diplomacy and participation. Indeed, your mission is to teach us to cooperate and live in harmony together. In order to achieve this complex and difficult task, it is important that you develop acceptance and openness in your giving nature.

Earth is foremost a planet of emotion and emotion is the highest vibratory energy that motivates humanity.  2’s are the masters of this domain, but this is a very difficult task they have set out afore them, for before 2’s are able to demonstrate and teach the proper use of emotion in any context, they need to learn to control and understand their own mood swings and sensitivity.

This emotional energy and deep, refined sensitivity of 2’s can, if properly developed, bring about the ability of clairvoyance. You are able to perceive sounds and recognize the many vibrations that surround us without too much effort on your part. You are also able to feel the nastiness or goodness in the people around you even if they are unbeknownst to you. You must protect yourself. Learn to be present but detached at the same time. Failure to do so, you lead you to sponge in anything and everything.

As much as 1’s have a difficult time with details, 2’s are the opposite and love details. Often your success is not noticed or recognized but you are often responsible for your success by being a part of the success of others. You are a team player and your success is more a collective thing then individualized. You will be heard stating “Our team has won…” before “I won…”

Be the responsible person that you are but try to understand and accept that your responsibility stops where others’ responsibilities begin. Your willingness to help will at times make you jump into a situation before it is asked of you. In doing so, resentment can ensue or you may even be interfering with the other person’s life lesson. At some point, we all must take responsibility for our own life – what we have created by our decisions and choices.

When Negative: Be careful not to gossip. Your desire to belong may lead you to what could be described as gossiping which may cause you to lose the friendships you so much want, something you despise obviously.

The 2 vibration will tend to create timid, shy people with a possible lack of self-confidence who may react in exaggerated and/or excessive ways to certain circumstances and with certain people. Your perception of life is what enables you to be so sensitive and emotional. You must try to live in the present moment and be in control of your emotions. If you are unable to accomplish this, instead of helping others, you will simply drown in your emotions.


Profession: 2’s are the best diplomats and mediators of our society. You are a person of peace and will always try to find compromise in any situation. You always search to harmonize opposite ideas so that all parties concerned are happy with the end result. Favor professions/occupations such as, mediator, lawyer, doctor, professor, politics… anything that has to do with people, don’t forget that you are a team player. U.S. President Barack Obama – a destiny 2 – is a very good example of this. Perhaps a little investment in your education could bring you a lot professionally. Remember, it’s never too late for anything.


Finances: To attain your full potential it is necessary to recognize that you are a team player, one that assists and sustains. It is quite possible that your financial success depends on your level of education. You are or could be a very important element in any enterprise, group or government. Use your sensitivity in a positive way, meaning, follow your instinct and your intuition; listen to that inner voice that is constantly telling you which path to take.


Relationships: Relationships are crucial for you; your world would simply be incomplete without them. Understand your needs, recognize how you are and then work along those characteristics. Learn how to be and let be. Overcome insecurity, jealousy and the tendency to suffocate your significant other, and your relationship will work well.


Health: You often are a giver and love to share which is a sign of your kindness. When doing so, you rarely think of what will come back to you in return, but if this type of situation arises or if you are in need and others do not return the favor, this act of insensitivity may scar you deeply, even devastate you and lead to depression. Be aware that you may be somewhat responsible that others take advantage of your kindness. Be sensitive and compassionate towards others but keep in mind that you must not allow your health to suffer through the process.  You must learn to balance and master your emotions in all situations in a way that enables your balance on all levels of being as you share yourself so freely. Physical activities are something you should consider, yoga, badminton, tennis, golf or any other that requires a team play would be highly recommended to you.



“I live my communication and show my talents!”

Destiny 3 people are here to develop communication and expression through the many talents they have inherited and then share it to the world. Indeed, you do have hidden talents that can be shared from all levels of being. Whether it be in theatre, music, movies, as a painter, a speaker, an interior decorator or a clothing designer, we are sure to find an energy 3.

The 3 creates very emotional and sensitive people but contrarily to the 2, the 3 can be verbally aggressive/expressive, but with its optimism can turn the page rapidly in an unpleasant situation or circumstance.

You love to talk and you appreciate a good conversation, you always have something interesting to share. You should, however, keep in mind that a good conversation includes at least two individuals; learn to listen to what others may have to say. Your gift with words will help you extricate yourself easily enough from problematic situations, but if you take time to reflect on these situations you may realize that it was your words that might have put you in such situations in the first place. If you see yourself talking a lot but saying very little, this is a sign that your communication skills need to be worked on. Also, know that you do not always have to be right or interesting in order to please others. This will only create the opposite effect you seek. Would you rather always have the last word or be happy? If you hold to always be right, you may not be happy.

You are very sociable, joyous and like to have fun. Be careful, for your way of life may not be within your allowed budget. The need to be popular and interesting is present in this vibration. This makes you happy and in return you make others happy. Avoid becoming what some would describe as frivolous. Friends are an integral part of this vibration and if you hold on to that concept too strongly you may miss out on the true meaning of friendship. Friends are drawn to you for a reason, and others for a season, and then again others for a lifetime. Nevertheless, try to understand and accept that people change and may leave you at some point in your life, don’t let this change your feelings for them.

You may often want to hide you emotions behind a mask, giving the impression that you are distanced from a specific situation and not affected by it. This will only hold opportunities and people at bay and away from you. Be sincere with your emotions and share what lies truly in your heart and you will achieve what you really want in life.

Beauty is a part of this vibration. You live and express beauty. It may be possible that you have a hard time taking orders even if in the beginning you seem to accept them easily. When you are in charge, your tendency to be stubborn may and will bring tension to or within a group. You may ask and demand of others what you are not always willing to do.

Express your optimism, your joy of life and real emotions for these are characteristics that can really help you live a happy and prosperous – a life in color.

When Negative: The negative side of the 3 is not easy to handle or to live with. When your emotions take over, you are not a very pleasant person to be around. You tend to see the dark side of everything and just give up. Lucky this is usually temporary and it doesn’t last too long, but what you need to realize is that these, even though short rollercoaster emotions, can severely damage or sabotage any level of relationships. Try to stay away from conflict or the desire to be right or have the last word, this will without a doubt, damage your relationships, something you treasure so much, due to your sociability and joy of living.


Profession: Creativity is an integral part of a destiny 3. You have extraordinary talents and ‘know how’ but you must learn to have confidence in yourself. Your creativity and artistic vision can and will be stunted if you need constant approval from others. Profession or occupation plays and important role in your evolution in this lifetime. Take the time and search for what you really love, express and share your talents through that love. Professions such as; actor, artist, lawyer, speaker, musician, singer, designer, composer are some of the ones you favor. However, remember that expression is what you are all about, all you need to do is find in your heart what you want to express.


Finances: To realize your full financial potential, it is necessary for you to recognize your talents and act upon them. Stay focused and don’t let negative or judgmental emotions get in the way of your success. Follow your heart and trust the universe. Be passionate about life and you shall reap the rewards.


Relationships: The energy 3 produces very romantic and loving beings. Balance however is needed here, for there is a tendency to suffocate your loved one. Try to avoid jealousy at all cost, it will without a doubt bring you exactly what you don’t wish or want. Your need and desire for relationships could at times be overwhelming.  3’s are able to endure a bad or unhappy relationship for a surprising length of time but when they decide that enough is enough there is no going back.


Health: The quality of your health depends on how you deal with your emotions. If you feel pressure in your chest, palpitations, anxiety or even throat discomfort, these are very important signs telling you to reevaluate the way you feel or face whatever situation you are going through. Master your emotions and you will enjoy a healthy life. Never be afraid to cry for this is an important part of your expression, holding back tears will affect your health.



“I live my structure and show support!”

Destiny 4 produces determined, persistent, devoted and efficient people. Is it a builder’s number, whether it be a house, a friendship, a love relationship or a project, you always seek to build and create something solid and meaningful. You are a very serious person and you do have a serious approach in all you undertake. This is very well but beware that you remain in the now for material success may adversely affect your success of a loving relationship or your health – and this would not then be a real success, now would it? Try to back off a bit at times which will allow you to analyze and recognize your real successes in life.

It is likely that you will find this destiny a difficult one to live for it holds a substantial dose of limitations and restrictions. Overcoming these is a part of the reason why you are here in this lifetime. Your sense of organization and the attention you give to details may make you appear obsessed or even a perfectionist, but this is simply your way of living and being. What you may describe as a restriction or a limitation may simply be linked to a difficulty to accept that this world is not organized as you would wish it to be. You may have a hard time accepting others that are disorganized. Each destiny has their aptitudes and yours is to show us how to live a more constant and organized life.

You are a person people can trust and no matter what you undertake, we can be sure it will be completed and well done. You are not very comfortable with change, 4s prefer a certain routine and know where everything can be found. The expression ‘Each thing in its place and each thing has its space’ describes well a 4.

You’re not a person to have a large circle of friends but the friends you have are good friends. The energy 4 is very grounded, it could be related to the four elements of; earth, water, fire and air. Even if you are or have the ability to be a very spiritual person, you are here to help us understand that we are not human beings living a spiritual experience but rather a spiritual being living a human experience.

Since your happiness and success depends very much on the way you deal with the limitations life throws your way, it is important that you clearly identify what limits you. Would this be your physical body, your place of residence, your finances, your family, your profession, your education, your thoughts, your sexual life, feelings of guilt, fears, character or an attitude? Whichever one it may be, all stem from a specific perception including your limitations. I invite you to identify what may be creating restrictions in your life, as you do the answers to what needs to be changed will appear, then, simply make the necessary adjustments.

When Negative: Try to identify, understand and control your rigidity and stubbornness. You can be determined and persistent, but rigid and often times over disciplined as well. Know that flexibility is life and rigidity is death. When you are upset, you tend to close yourself up and move into silence. However, this type of behavior is not very healthy and it will not solve the problems at hand and will most likely bring about further unanswered questions and mistaken ideas. See how flexible nature can be towards all living things and try to adopt that same philosophy.


Profession: The destiny 4 regroups people that are determined, persistent and efficient. Though leadership is not inaccessible to 4’s, they prefer supporting, helping and participating over directing or being the person making the decisions. It is why we may label them as the cornerstones of an enterprise. A 4’s world revolves around work, service and accomplishment and I strongly suggest that you choose an occupation founded on passion. If you do not find satisfaction in what you do, you risk being very unhappy. This will undoubtedly affect your health.


Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize that you are indeed a serious and determined worker, one that is ready to assist and sustain, that you are indeed a valuable element within any enterprise. 4s are known to be very disciplined in all they do, including investments. Choose your occupation carefully and create a financial plan that is convenient and adequate to your life plan early.


Relationships: You want and need stability in your relationships. Understand that, to obtain our wants and needs, the necessary work must begin with us. Try to distance yourself from your stubborn side or from sinking into a gloomy silence when things do not go your way. Recognize that work is a great part of who you are, in doing so it will help you find balance between relationships and work. 4s like to keep things together and in harmony, you will work hard at keeping your relationship healthy.


Health: Although 4s in general have a good physical constitution, but they also need to learn how to relax, to live and let live, to be and let be. Health problems are usually related to the lack of tolerance and acceptance, rigidity or discipline in excess. Pay attention to your diet, most 4s have issues with their intestines, this due to possible blockages. Yoga, meditation, a walk along the ocean side or in a forest is highly recommended.



“I live adventure and show optimism!”


Destiny 5 people are very energetic, adventurer, capable and physically strong. 5 is the number of change, of adaptation and freedom of expression. Whether it be on a physical or mental level, you will spend a good part of your life on the fast track, at a much more accelerated pace compared to the average person, it will be difficult for others to follow your pace. What you need to ask yourself is if this fast pace is really allowing you to move forward any faster? If you are constantly coming back to redo or pickup unfinished business, perhaps your hurry should be reevaluated. Nevertheless, it is due to this characteristic that you also get to learn and discover new things. Whether you see it as a positive or negative, accept it for the acquired experiences it brings you. Be aware of repetition, if experiences are repeating themselves, then, it is a sign that you’re not getting it.

Unlike 4’s, 5’s dislike routine and it is important that you take this aspect of yourself into consideration and an occupation that offers you variety and constant change.

The energy of 5 will make you someone that is very sociable and joyful. You like people and people like you. They simply cannot be bored or in a foul mood when you’re around. Your capacity to learn is remarkable and extraordinary and you have an ease with languages which can be very useful, for 5’s love to travel.

5’s are what I call the chameleons of this earth. The reason is based on your ability to adapt. You are able to be anything, naturally play different roles within any given situation or circumstance.

You may be drawn to accidents, skirmishes and clumsiness, this energy could take you as far as behave in an erratic or impulsive manner when making decisions. This trait is not strongly inherent but it is still a factor to consider. These behaviors may create fear and may rob you of the beautiful energy of courage, spontaneity and audacity. If this occurs you will find yourself most probably hiding behind what you may judge to be security. Be careful for what you think is security may very well become suffering. Always remember you are here to explore and take risks as well as to show others how to survive and adapt to change.

Freedom of 5 must start with desire and this desire turned into experience to understand that true freedom is found with the meshing of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

When Negative: You are here to experience the physical and material aspects of this world as well as live in the present moment, the now. This is very well, however I would suggest that you be cautious and avoid becoming irresponsible or frivolous for you will later pay the price. The material and physical aspects engender a hardy appetite for the pleasures of the flesh. You may be easily drawn to alcoholism, drugs, food, sex, gambling… to name a few. Be aware of the consequences. Try to avoid any excessive indulgences.


Profession: Acknowledge the fact that you can get bored easily, which is to say that you should avoid routine jobs/profession. Look for an occupation that offers you, variety, challenges and stimulation, in other words, something dynamic and changing. 5s make the best explorers, missionaries and adventurers, but that’s not all, they also make excellent salesman, representatives, researchers or any occupation that requires discovering and traveling.


Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize that you need variety and passion in your life. You have within your code many talents and you can be extremely versatile. You will or could make a great deal of money, but your tendency to be ‘loose’ could lead you to spend more than you make. Your financial success depends very much on the way you handle the energy money. Consult a financial adviser and built some kind of investment plan. Try to discipline yourself. Remember the old saying; ‘we can have a better life living on 90% of our income than on 100%.


Relationships: One of your biggest challenges is concentration. Your desire to see, touch or savor all things in life at least once may adversely affect your sense of responsibility, which brings us to discuss your love relationships. Though marriage is not impossible, your need for variety and change will also play a role here in this area. Understand that these qualities can also be lived staying with the same partner; someone active, audacious, interesting and energetic, in other words, someone like you. Know that true love is found within responsible and respectful freedom.


Health: The 5 energy is by far the most physical resistant. You are strong, capable, energetic and dynamic. This doesn’t mean that you are immune to everything. If you live and respect your destiny, good health will be for you easy to attain. One thing I would like to point out is your impulsiveness, this can lead you to be prone to accidents, pay close attention. Practice activities that promote and require concentration.



“I live harmony and show understanding!”

Destiny 6 people are calm, patient and responsible. Very sociable, you are someone who needs to be surrounded by family and/or friends. You find pleasure in helping and participating in any given circumstance. Although this may bring you happiness, you also need to be prudent. People may and will abuse your kindness and goodwill if you allow them, don’t become a doormat. 6s make very good parents; the family, the home, love and harmony are what this vibration is all about. Although this may sound very positive, a tendency to be over responsible and too protective of their children may cause serious consequences later in their lives. Remember, too much of something brings out the negative, robbing them of their own experiences. I would suggest you to take the back seat once in a while, giving them the opportunity to experience while you supervise.

Even if responsibility is part of your vibration, there is a possibility that it was rather absent during your youth, having those around you believe that you would never be worthy and responsible in life. Later, after living the home of your parents, you surprise those who knew you with your sense of responsibility as an adult. One other lesson you must learn concerning responsibility is to let go of the responsibilities that are not your own, only then will you be able to give and receive at levels that are more concrete and profound.

Your magnetic field is strong and powerful but also a two way sword. You attract that which is positive and beautiful, but also that which is negative and hideous. Be careful with what you emanate and what you are willing to accept.

6s may give the impression to be materialistic because of their love for the material things of life. But that is not exactly so, what we may classify as materialistic is nothing but their way to express their inner beauty and a ‘child love’ to play with gadgets and collect things.

Your goodness and loyalty may bring you to believe that the world functions along those lines, making you somewhat innocent and naïve at times. Be careful and stay focused. Be good and loyal, but try to keep a foot behind. Our world is far from this goodness and responsibility that you see. Nevertheless, you are here to show us how to love and find the proper balance needed to attain responsibility. Learn how to enjoy harmony and participate abundantly in life.

When Negative: 6s can fall easily in a world of fiction and illusion, making you some kind of superficial and disconnected from the everyday reality. Try not to get lost in your play. Your tendency to exaggerate or shrink facts may cause serious problems in your life, especially on what credibility is concerned. Trying to please everybody is a huge problem in itself and it will lead you to play with the truth. Beware; protecting someone from the truth is not necessarily the right action to take, sooner or later the truth always surfaces and your credibility diminishes. In this lifetime you should learn how to overcome procrastination. The pain you may encounter for getting something done weights ounces compared with the pain of regret which can weight tones.


Profession: May it be actors, comedians, musicians, writers, or producers, 6s as 3s fit very well within the artistic world, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, to name a few, are a good example of this. But this is not all, professions such as, teacher, professor, lawyer, designer, doctor, nurse, salesman, speaker and representative, go very well with this vibration.


Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize your need to take action. Indeed, ideas and projects are not what is missing in your profile, but you need to materialize them. Destiny 6 people are never in the hurry, which can lead you to procrastinate, beware of this for it could sabotage your financial success. Determination, persistence and devotion are the key to your financial success. You love people and people love you. You should consider a profession serving the public. A school degree would be highly recommended.


Relationships: Harmony, love and romance are indeed what you are all about; however, this does not guarantee that your relationships will automatically work. Recognize your need to live a couple life. Avoid falling asleep within the comfort of a relationship. Relationships are like plants and flowers; they need continued care and attention. Acknowledge your mistakes and accept when you’re wrong. Be real and do not be afraid to give.


Health: This vibration can be complex and often times difficult to fulfill. You care too much for others, and what they may think or say about you. You may deny this, and that is in itself part of the problem. You need to work at detaching yourself from such feelings and begin to really live ‘the here and now’. Remember, your responsibility stops where the others’ responsibilities begin. You must learn to say ‘no’ when it is no. Recognize and accept when you are wrong, and be ok with it. Face the truths and avoid blockages. To be healthy you must learn how to dance with life.



“I live my intellectuality and show wisdom!”


Destiny 7 produces the great thinkers of our society… “What are you thinking about?” is a question you should ask yourself often. If you become aware of your thoughts, you can avoid repetitive thinking and mental exhaustion. Indeed, your strength in this lifetime is your head, your intellect and this is what you need to understand and master if you want to fulfill your glorious destiny. You may not be known as one you has an open spirit, yet, if someone has an open spirit and connected to the universe, is you. Open yourself and share that wonderful light that lies within you.

Truth and wisdom are what you are looking for, and you will spend a great deal of time channeling information between the earth and the heavens trying to discover who you are and what you came here to accomplish. This way of living will make you somewhat different from the rest of us and before we understand this ‘differenceness’ about you, prejudices and wrong assumptions can and will be part of your life, which may cause you to close yourself up or simply ware a social mask.

While most of us concerned and preoccupied with acquiring money and material goods, you may just show total indifference when it comes to this. In addition, while the majority of us need to put up a certain effort to obtain material compensation, you need only to be patient and trust the universe in order for it to submit to you.

You need to understand and accept that the majority of us do not see what you see or grasp concepts as quick as you do. To build the desired rapport you must come down to earth a little, and find the patience to explain and show us – explain in ways that are appropriate to everyone’s rhythm of understanding.

Everything you undertake is undisputedly complete and well done. Characteristics you expect from everyone around you. If you lead a company, be compassionate and understanding towards those who are less perfectionist or, in your point of view, don’t do good work. Choose instead to show them how to do a better job and how to be more efficient. You can be very demanding and strict, and one of your hardest challenges is to develop patience, tolerance and understanding, all this, without changing who you are.

You are drawn to introspection and you need time alone to think, contemplate, meditate and analyze. This wish to be alone should be honored otherwise you may experience nervous tension and inner instability, something that will make you a hard person to live with. Ocean, forests, rivers, nature in general, are for you a benefic and efficient therapy. Take the time and indulge in it.

7s can be easily recognized by the way they walk, they show confidence and pride in self. You evaluate any given situation rapidly and with astounding exactitude. You should always follow you intuition. Develop a good relationship with that little voice that speaks inside of you, as you do, you will know the difference between what you are thinking and what you are intuitively receiving. You are not one who is very sociable, crowds, confusion, noise, and the rhythm of today’s life could make you nervous and aloof at times.

Don’t expect your circle of friends to be enormous, but when you let someone in your life he’ll be there for a long time. 7 remains a magical and mysterious number, the number that balances the seasons. One week has 7 days and one year 52 weeks (5+2)=7. This number is considered by many religions to be the sacred number and in many cultures to be the lucky number. Whatever it may be, mystery does surround this number and this is why there’s something mysterious about you.

When Negative: You can be very difficult to live with, and you have the intellectual capacity to make us suffer. This behavior can distance you from your true essence leading you to arrogance and be distant. The energy 7 will make you somewhat perfectionist, which can cause you instability. Understand that everything is relative in this world, perfection is no exception. Open yourself and share your visions with us, shows us the way to wisdom, prosperity, happiness and enlightenment. 7s work at your attitude, your patience, tolerance and compassion. In the positive you are an inspiration – a guide.


Profession: 7s make tough but very good teachers, this, more at collegial or university levels. They also make excellent secret agents, doctors, psychologists, religious, spiritual, archeologists, philosophers, mystics, scientists, in short, all that concerns and deals with the intellect, psych and the spirit. You can be a good leader, but you reach your best when operating from autonomous positions. Acknowledge that you don’t receive orders very well, 7s always question authority and this is the reason why it is preferable you choose a profession in line with the ones stated above.


Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must develop, trust, confidence and openness in the universe. Understand that 7 is a spiritual vibration, and contrary to other vibrations, yours is one that requires more trust than effort when it comes to finances. It is not easy to accept this when everyone else seems to be battling for financial earnings or success. Have you noticed? The more you let go, the more it comes to you? Yes, be present and with the desire to serve and participate, but when it comes to money, don’t bother, it will always come to you as you need it. If instead you put money as the primary reason why you do what you do, it will not work as you would like it to. Follow your heart and focus on what you would like to do… then, just do it. Try it!


Relationships: Although relationships are not impossible for you they do need a great deal of effort. When we say ‘different’ it is quite possible that issues with compatibility will arise. Depending on what the other numbers of your code may say, 7s can be loners and need time alone, however, they also are great romantics that need love and affection. Understand who and how you are, that would be the first step to take in order to make relationships work, then, all you have to do is learn how to adapt. Learn to dance with life, don’t be afraid to open up and share with us those beautiful diamonds you carry within your being.


Health: Health and wellbeing begins with accepting and understanding your world. This material world can be cruel for you, try to find the patience to face it. Practice yoga, meditation, or sports that include open air and a contact with nature. Give yourself enough time alone when needed. Don’t be afraid to say you need it. Inner peace is what will determine your health in this lifetime. Because 7 is a very mental, spiritual and psychological vibration, sexuality can be quite beneficial for your health, as long as love is present in it, otherwise it will produce an opposite result.



“I live my power and show realization!”

Destiny 8 people are here to experience the physical and material aspect of this world, the world of business or a position of status. For those who ignore the codes – Numerology – may look at you as someone who is materialistic or even egoistical. Behind every destiny we find an intention, a purpose and a mission and yours is to experience the physical and material aspect of our world.

You search for power and abundance. This is the reason why you are determined and persistent in all you undertake. May it be in business or in a position of prestige you are one who is quite comfortable at the executive level. You are tenacious, confident, powerful and very convincing, ingredients that spell material success.

You have a high self esteem, the way you look and present yourself is very important to you, perhaps a little too much for comfort. In the positive 8s show self confidence and determination. In the negative you show fear of looking bad and the feeling of losing anything in your life may create anxiety. Friends are always a big part of this destiny path. The energy you emanate – the aura – draws people to you. You love the good things of life, cars, house, cloths and personal status, hence, all that has to do with the material world pleases you, interests you and enriches you.

Unless your other numbers say differently, the 8 is not a spiritual vibration experience. Yours is a frequency that leads you to material achievement, and you have little time to fantasize or even dream of the abstract. 8s may join religion or a spiritual group but not necessarily because of faith, but rather a possible concern of God’s punishment as an example, or for other interests that have little or nothing to do with faith. The truth is; we are spirituals beings going through human experiences ad not the other way around. If you want to make sure that you are spiritually correct, you need only to embrace honesty, sincerity and put love in all that you do. In other words, live the two ‘RR’, respect and responsibility.

The tenacious power and of the energy 8 may be used to face a difficult life experience chosen by our soul, to give you a fair idea of the tenacity of this vibration we could use Pope John Paul II as an example. His determination and perseverance didn’t go unnoticed.

Behind every destiny there is a lesson to undertake, yours is to acquire abundance by not becoming obsessed or blinded by the material aspect of this world. Nothing keeps you from having a nice car, beautiful house or a well garnished bank account, but don’t lose your center – your identity – you are and will never be any of that. Your identity was placed in your heart at birth. We are drawn to believe that wealth and abundance are a blessing; however, I assure you that it is one of the hardest lessons for our soul to through, money rarely comes alone there are always attachments to it.

May it be within a rich family or a poor one, 8s often have to cross a difficult childhood, a sort of discipline that will play a major role in your life. What you should avoid is to attach yourself to the past, to those experiences in a negative way, the role of victim and/or guilt to give as an example. If you do, then you will be sure to spoil your success. The past you may be condemning may just be your treasure of acquired experiences, which has enormously contributed to your personality, to who you are today. Don’t ever be afraid to take chances. Your destiny is one of power and abundance. Be courageous and move forward, after all, your destiny is that of the entrepreneur.

When Negative: The fear or concern about what others may think or say about you, can and will destabilize your life and success. Although the energy of destiny 8 directs you towards power and abundance, understand that you can also fail miserably, if so, this will certainly have an impact in your health. Your power and potential must be used for achievement and not in selfish ways. Competition is a part of this vibration – don’t get lost or blinded in illusion or obsession. Although money can buy many things, there are also many things it can not buy, such as love, well being, health, family or peace of mind.


Profession: Understand that you’re not here to be a simple employee but rather an entrepreneur, an investor or one with a position of status and prestige in society. It has nothing to do with superiority or inferiority, it simply is what you have chosen to live and experience through this lifetime. Follow your heart. Have a desire but free yourself from the outcome of that desire. Determination, self-confidence, persistence and positive/constructive persuasion are tools you should have and use to attain your desired success.


Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize your need to have and own, to accept your destiny and act upon it. Yes, you are or should be an entrepreneur, a businessman or one in a high position in society. What hasn’t worked for many does not mean it will not work for you. An apple and an orange are indisputably two fruits, but only one of them can give apple juice. We all have our own chosen experiences, yours is to create, achieve, live and share your acquired abundance.


Relationships: It would be almost impossible to look at yourself as successful without a relationship. Your definition of success includes the house, family, status and a relationship. Due to your position in society, you may not have all the time your relationship needs or would like to have. It is crucial that you find not only balance but also a ground of understanding. Know that flowers or a ring doesn’t always make up for your absence. The key here is openness and transparence, sensitivity and awareness.


Health: Your health and wellbeing depends on how you accept and deal with your destiny. Don’t lose yourself in the illusion of success. Listen to your body and learn to take some time off. Deal and overcome possible losses. Learn how to turn the pages of your book of life. Do what your destiny asks of you, but live it with a certain detachment. Remember, life is a game, and you simply play the game. Most of your health problems will come from not dealing with past experiences. Understand that; it was what it was and it served what it served, now is where it counts. If something is making you suffer… just let it GO!



“I live my philanthropy and show compassion!”

Destiny 9 is the vibration that will bring you to experience, universal love, generosity, courage and compassion. You are always ready and willing to help, to the point of giving your own shirt in order to make the other one happy. Not only are you ready to help the needy, you are also ready to accuse the rich and wealthy. We could say that there is a bit of Robin Hood in your makeup.

Destiny 9 tells us there is always something to finish, complete or terminate. There is a great chance that you will have to face many of the so called injustices in this life, often times, those who you help and go out of your way to please, may not return the same gesture when you need them, not ignoring the fact that they also could stab you in the back, so to speak. If you wish find peace within all this, I would suggest you look further than this present life. You must understand and accept that what is happening is nothing but old unresolved issues from previous lives that are happening for completion. Those you owe, if I may use this term, are here again, and the time has come for you to take care of your karmic account book that is pending in the universe. The best way for you to overcome this, is not to resist…what you resist will persist! Although this applies to all of us, it plays a major role here, on destiny 9.

Destiny 9 always includes a possible drama or two. Failure to understand the hidden lessons behind the difficulties that life throws at you will only produce other dramas. In reality, you should work at accepting the experiences and overcome them as they show in your path. Probably not an easy task, for you are the great humanitarian and altruist who wants to save the world, one that wants to turn all wrongs into rights.

The great challenges 9s have to cross may be considerably diminish by their knowledge and understanding of reincarnation. Remember, reincarnation is a mechanism that enables us to materialize and evolve through experience. Learn on the subject, often times what you classify as injustices may very well be the soul searching for completion. Nevertheless, 9s are the great philanthropists of our world. In positive, you can bring Light and alternatives to humanity in general. Let us not forget Mahatma Gandhi, one man alone, a 9, who made all the difference to his people.

The vibration 9 produces a very social frequency. You love people and people love you. Your tolerance, generosity, compassion, sympathy as well as your wisdom reflects in your aura – your magnetic field – attracting every class of people to your circle, and in many cases, animals as well.

9 is the only number that contains a bit of all the other numbers; 9+1=1, 9+2=2, 9+3=3… which means that you live a little of all vibrations, knowing and accepting this fact will give you the ability to adapt to any given situation or circumstance.

One of 9s greatest ‘challenges’ is managing their money, the fact of wanting to help the poor and/or those less fortunate could leave you financially in bad posture. In your view and opinion, money is not an energy that you accumulate, but rather one that needs to circulate. Although true, it also needs to be respected and used responsibly. One of the hardest lessons for 9s to understand and accept is that often times not helping is in reality helping… to give a man fish, is to feed him for a day, to teach him how to fish is to feed him everyday.

When Negative: 9s can be highly judgmental, negative and cold, and this in the name of universal love. One of the most common negative traits found within this vibration, is to presume quickly and jump fast into conclusions. Understand that we all have our own story and karmic baggage, and things are not always what they appear to be. Avoid drama. There is within this vibration a tendency to dramatize, to make things a little worse than they actually are. Remember, those who judge, find judgment everywhere.


Profession: On what profession is concerned there’s really nothing you can’t do, however, people will always be at the top of your list – your primary interest. Destiny 9 is a very spiritual vibration, making you a philanthropist, philosopher and psychologist. However, you also excel as great salespeople, artistes, doctors, politicians, therapists, healers, teachers, coaches, social workers and missionaries, this to name a few. Although working for others is not at all impossible for you, but to attain your full potential it would be preferable you work as an executive, autonomous or for humanitarian causes.


Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize that you have within your code a little of all other numbers. This is to say that you could excel and find success in any chosen area. Destiny 9 can be seen as a destiny of choice when it comes to profession or occupation. Although your financial success could come from any line of work, you will feel much more fulfilled in an area where direct contact with people is present. Understand that philanthropy and altruism are what you are all about, failure to recognize the impact these characteristics can have in your finances, will without a doubt bring you financial problems. Balance is indeed the key here, give a little and keep a little.


Relationships: Universal love is most probably what you express, however, when it comes to your relationships of heart, it is necessary that you understand the difference. A love relationship is very much like a flower, it needs attention and to be watered frequently. When you say you love, you mean it, and according to you, you don’t have to repeat it often. Perhaps for you it is enough, but you need to take the other ones’ feelings into account, he/she may just need a little more. Be aware and present and never take anything or anyone for granted.


Health: 9s may and often do contain health karmic issues. If you are ill or someone with health complications, it is quite possible that they are karmic linked to past lives and with you for various reasons. Whatever it may be, it will serve you at raising consciousness, ultimately serving a higher purpose. Many of the health issues found within 9s, occur in early life, but my experience tells me that many 9s develop the ‘ability’ to get themselves ill. Their health will certainly be affected by they way they process their emotions and the way they accept life’s circumstances. Remember, drama attracts drama, and nothing exists by itself, it has to be fed in order to exist or survive.




“I live my visions and realize my dreams!”

Destiny 11 produces people who are sensitive, present and tuned to the feelings of others. This vibration denotes individuals who are courageous and intelligent – the great visionaries of our society seeking human progress. This destiny reveals a spirituality that is open and inclusive, different from the spirituality of 7 which can be serious, demanding and often times intolerant.

You are the worlds greatest dreamers – visionaries through time – the windows that give us access to new ideas and alternatives for a better life. This is without a doubt appreciated as long as you act upon them. If all your dreams and visions stay in a world where only you have access, they will not serve us in any way.

11 is a double vibration, it denotes a level of high intellectual power, although nothing keeps you from being good with your hands, your real potential remains your head – intellectualized. This faculty can be used for the good of humanity but in the negative it can also be used for organized crime. Be prudent. Life experiences are nothing but memories we collect through time. What memories do you want to collect? When used positively, you touch the highest cosmic vibration, in order to do so, much personal work needs to be done to achieve this, hence, begin today.

Your understanding and knowledge is indeed extraordinary, which can make you someone who knows everything. Try not to let that bother you, for that is exactly what you have chosen to do and share with us in this life time – to teach us alternative ideas followed by a sane way to evolve in light, harmony and acceptance. Remain present and realistic and avoid fantasies. This frequency of existence also gives you the ability to change faces, to separate your home problems from the office and vice versa. Since there is always two sides to everything, you may use this ability to get off from a less honest situation and/or circumstance you have created or entered. Try to use this faculty positively and truthfully, remember, the truth will always surface.

This destiny offers an extraordinary power of perception – an intuition that is strong and remarkable – well above the average. Accept that you perceive things that others don’t. This is the reason why your destiny is a master number vibration much is expected from you, not only to serve your soul’s purpose, but to share with us as well.

When Negative: You receive an energy that is double and abundant creating in you nervous tension. If you are active and dynamic you’ll serve your destiny well and will experience a life that is pleasant, productive and healthy. If instead you decide to draw back and choose an easier path, (1+1)=2, then you will experience physical and/or psychological problems. Yours is a master number destiny, remember, much is expected from you. 11s as well as 22s, the two master numbers, could retreat into a simple vibration, 2 and 4. At first it seems to be more comfortable, however, you will soon discover that that comfort is nothing but temporary.


Profession: Although more intellectual than physical, you can also excel manually, especially if your other numbers promote it. This is indeed a very diplomatic vibration and one that loves people. Professions such as, psychology, philosophy, law, politics, doctor… anything that has to do with people and deep thinking, including business and leadership fits you perfectly. Bill Clinton remains a good example of the potential of this vibration. Choose an occupation that is based on passion and dance with it.


Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize your need to take action and materialize the wonderful dreams and visions you receive. Faculties you have inherited from previous lives and are here to share them with us. Whether it is a house, a project, a computer… all begins with a thought, a dream, a vision. Expose them, and materialize what inspires you. Only then can you attain the financial success you desire and deserve.


Relationships: Just as 2s, relationships are also crucial to 11s. Your world would simply be incomplete without them. Recognize that due to the intensity of your energy, you need stimulation and activities, perhaps it would be appropriate for you to choose someone who is also dynamic, energetic and spontaneous, otherwise you may find yourself living what we call a double life. Needless to say, but this can very well bring you all kinds of complications and adversities.


Health: Due to the double energy you receive, you need to pay close attention to your health. Start by learning how to control the way you feel. You can be very sensitive, or worse, you can hide it inside. The formula here is simple; if you feel good then all is good. Keep active, remember, all that energy needs to be evacuated. Just as 7s, 11s are also a mental energy, sexuality performed with passion and love can and will fine tune your health. Sports as well as physical and mental activities are without a doubt for you the perfect prescription.



“I live my ambitions, and show realization!”

Destiny 22 regroups people who are, determined, persistent and ambitious. This is without a doubt, the most powerful and perhaps the most difficult vibration to travel through. The energy and willingness to act is very much a part of this frequency. The key to succeed this rather difficult destiny is to really build confidence in yourself, accepting that indeed you do have this power to build and initiate new projects or enhance those already existent. Accept the fact that you are ambitious and you want more out of life. You should, however, make sure you are always driven by good intentions, intentions that will benefit you and society in general. Remember, a powerful and ambitious energy can also lead towards criminal activities. Since we are collectors of memories traveling through time sooner or later we have to answer to that which we have created.

If you have a high level of education, this will help you considerably through success. Unconsciously, those living under this code of vibration are often attracted towards education or mastery. However, many 22s have successfully graduated from the school of life and are accomplishing extremely well their destiny.

When I speak of energy 22, three names always come to mind, Paul McCartney, Brian Adams and Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso), I look at them as master achievers. They do give us an interesting view of the positive aspect of this frequency. Although two of them make huge amounts of money, never before has a Dalai Lama traveled so much and share his vision with the world like Tenzin Gyatso. As for Brian and Paul, I would venture saying that they do not really work for the money, but rather for their passion to achieve. They are indeed two master builders.

22 generally have a good heart and they envisage the best for society. May it be a hospital, an institution, a church, a charitable organization or foundation, 22s find pleasure in building and sharing something worthwhile. In doing so, they will not only have a sense of accomplishment they will be highly rewarded for it as well. Master vibrations indicate individuals that are intelligent and capable of great things. However, in order to do so they have to build self confidence; be positive and convinced that no matter what they choose to undertake they will succeed. Trust is indeed the word here.

Although 22s are rare as clients seeking information, I had the privilege to meet a few in my many years of numerologist. The experience I kept from them is that they are extraordinary beings, but many display signs of incertitude and confusion. This is due to that fact of ignoring the characteristics of their chosen vibration – master number vibration. You must trust in the invisible force that drives you – your spirit. No, you are not like most of us, for yours is a master builder number and much is expected from you. Identify your thoughts, your desires and your passions, then, be courageous and move forward, the universe will never fail you.

When Negative: The moment you doubt your power and potential, 22s automatically retreat to the lower vibration 4, (2+2) in doing so, they find what they think is comfort, but this so called comfort will be short lived. You’ll most probably find yourself juggling between the energy 4 and 22 which in turn will create nervous tension and cause you to store emotions. As a result, you’ll experience discomfort and illness. If you find yourself gaining weight chances are you are getting off your chosen destiny. In fact, the negativity of this number is associated with retreating to the simple vibration of 4. To give an example of the power of 22 vs. 4, 4 will be content to have built a house, 22 will be content for having built an entire project. This is the difference between the application of 4 and realization of 22.


Profession: In terms of profession, it is obvious that you were not meant to receive orders or be a simple employee. 22s, just as 8s, are self made entrepreneurs, restless, ambitious and driven. To live a happy and productive life you must truly develop self-confidence and learn to follow your instincts. Accept your destiny. Choose an occupation that speaks to you and that you are passionate about. Remember, you are not very good handling details, you should consider hiring someone to take care of them for you. A thought: 22s, whatever you may feel in your heart, you can have in your hand.


Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize that you do hold great power to built and achieve. Your energy as well as your intention, ambition, determination and persistence are different. These characteristics should not be seen or though of as superiority or used in a pretentious way, they simply are part of your chosen destiny. The key to your financial success resides in your ability to put aside every possible myth that may be keeping you from getting ahead. Be courageous and honest and then follow your convictions. There are no limits for you, only those you choose to foster.


Relationships: Just as 4s do, 22s also desire, need and appreciate a stable relationship. The most common problems I have found that can seriously sabotage and ultimately destroy the relationship is their stubbornness and rigidity, but most of all, 22s, the master builder, has the tendency to put most of their energy on their work, forgetting the needs of a relationship. A big house, expensive car, jewelry, doesn’t necessarily do it. Although easier said than done, you must find balance in this area.


Health: The downside of a master number vibration is the double energy they receive. You must take care of your health. Learn about chakras (the energy centers of the physical body) and emotional blockages. Keep active, avoid stubbornness and rigidity. Try to learn how to take time off. Understand your ego and be in control of it. As much as you can, have a direct contact with nature. When you feel uneasy, you should stop, look and listen, in doing so, you will be able to identify the source of the problem.