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Fifty Shades of You

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50 shades (change in our lives)

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Contemporary Chirology | Modern Palmistry | Courses 2017

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Fernanda vital

Contemporary Chirology

{ Aussi offert en français }


Courses in St. Lazare | from 9:30am to 5:30pm.


Day 1: Sat. March 11th

The Hands (left/right – active/passive) | The Palms | Mounts (Venus and Luna) | Texture (skin) | Nails (the expression of our nervous system | The Thumb (the rudder of personality) | The other Fingers (brain development).

Day 2: Sat. March 25th ...

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When meeting with me expect:

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New Pub Antonio

Hello, this is António,

When meeting with me expect:

  1. A Full, elaborated and Intuitive Numerology reading.
  2. A responsible Palm Analyses – Chirology.
  3. Holistic-Coaching based on your Life-Code.

These sessions – in terms of accuracy – are the same, in person or via Skype, it is your choice.

Each session is 1:30h.

Cost, $80.00

It comes with the recording and valuable interesting documents for self-coaching and self-awareness.

I need your FULL name as it is in your baptismal papers (or something of that nature) and your date of birth.

If you have any questions concerning another person/s (you can ask up to 3 additional) the same info is needed. However, if your situation is specific and needs particular attention – decisions or – you may want to consider waiting on what concerns other people, or, ask for an extended session. ...

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Numerology & Business

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NCC-Coaching | International

Numerology & Business

We’re becoming aware, more than ever before, of the power of Numbers. If you have a smart phone, among millions of other devices or examples, you see how powerful Numbers can be.

“Numbers are the essence of all things!” Pythagoras.

“We sail through life in a Sea of Numbers!” Einstein.

The world, in which we live, operates through the power of Numbers and, whether we accept it or not, we’re totally controlled by them. The world of Business is no different, it’s all about “Numbers”, from financial projections, addresses, signing dates or opening day, all is controlled by Numbers. ...

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Were you born November 2nd or 20th?

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Were you born November 2nd or 20th?


OUTLOOK: You’re a sensitive, diplomatic, organised and structured hard worker. There’s intention and purpose in all you do, nothing is done at random or left at chance, everything has a reason to be. You are intelligent and often times way ahead of the game. Your sense of direction, steadiness and accuracy are extraordinary. You are a great friend to have…

PROFESSION: No matter what you choose to do you should consider psychological work; mediator, life coach, therapist… anything that involves the heart and mind. You’d make a great accountant and a fine lawyer, event planner and strategist… ...

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November doesn’t necessarily mean winter! As the Earth turns so does the seasons, it may be winter ‘here’, but, at the same time, summer elsewhere.

November is the only month that contains a double vibration (11), known to many numerologists as ‘Master-Number’ frequency, this, no matter where you live, will have an effect on you – allow it to be positive!

11 is the number of enlightenment, it offers you the opportunity to go beyond the mundane and realise there are realities very different from the one you are experiencing now. If you open your heart, tame your mind and walk the blissful Present Moment, you will tap into this wonderful rich and abundant energy wave that will be present for 30 entire days. ...

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